L’OR Espresso Onyx Intensity 12 Coffee Capsules

4.2 5 0 73 73 Blended by L’OR Coffee Artists <li>Dark, smoky and intense ground coffee in single-dose capsules <li>Ideal preparation is espresso (40mL) <li>Compatible with L’OR Barista and Nespresso* original coffee machines <li>100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans <li>100% recyclable capsules via partnership with Terracycle
L’OR Espresso Onyx Intensity 12 Coffee Capsules


Beautifully strong taste and aroma.
During lockdown it was so hard to get coffee, my husband decided to get a coffee machine and the store provided sample coffee pods. We tried one other brand and still have 12 left. They didn’t nearly meet the mark. Sorry to our local cafes.. we have found our happy ever after coffee
Very nice
I love the L'or onyx coffee pods, these ones are my favourite above any other ones. They taste so good they are stronger but not in an overpowering way.
I friend of mine had these pods and made me a coffee. I found intensity of 12 a bit too strong, but with milk it was perfect. For those that do no find strong coffee good, it might not be the best choice. I definitely enjoyed having this coffee and recommend it to strong coffee lovers.
Not My Favourite
These pods are great quality for the cost, but certainly not my favorite. I'm going to try some of the other strengths as there is potential there. Fingers crossed the others are more my type of coffee!
Top notch quality
Coffee addict here, I wasn't sure I would like this being so strong at a 12 but it was lovely, you can really taste the difference in a good quality coffee and the crema on top never disappoints, it was not bitter or sour like some strong coffee can be it was just smooth and bold and easy to drink more than 1 cup.
Strong, dark flavour
The L’Or Coffee pods have some great pods In the range & often do great limited editions. The 12 intensity is very strong! I have to have this one with milk, as it is not for the faint hearted. I stick to the 8 & 10 for most coffees.
Ok coffee
I have bought LOR many times as it is nespresso compatible. Price compared to other nespresso compatible brands is on average. It has an ok taste for coffee and does its job if you need a cuppa
Nice strong coffee
I love strong coffee, so having this intensity coffee is perfect. The price is reasonable and it works well in my nespresso machine. I always have this capsule in my coffee pod.
Always a fantastic cuppa with these pods. Have been using these for some time, I try another type but always find myself coming back to these. I do find they are a bit stronger than other pods but enjoy strong coffee .
Enjoyed this coffee will buy again. Used in Nespresso machine.
Great coffee
Amazing! Tastes so good and doesn’t sacrifice flavour for taste. I like that it’s easy to use and accessible to. No improvements that could be made And would 100% recommend to friends!
not bad
quite strong coffee but weaker than other brands of similar cost
Great morning coffee
love the taste, I use it every morning for my coffee. Often cheaper to buy in bulk when its on sale at Amazon rather than coles/woolies.
Too bitter
I regularly consume coffee pod from this brand and have tried all the flavors. I found this one to be too strong and bitter. I will stick to the other flavours.
Lor Espresso Intensity 12
Full bodied coffee flavour. Perfect, predictable pour every morning. No bitter taste just pure delicious coffee. I like the intensity 12 for its strong flavour.

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