L’OR Espresso Onyx Intensity 12 Coffee Capsules

4.2 5 0 137 137 Blended by L’OR Coffee Artists <li>Dark, smoky and intense ground coffee in single-dose capsules <li>Ideal preparation is espresso (40mL) <li>Compatible with L’OR Barista and Nespresso* original coffee machines <li>100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans <li>100% recyclable capsules via partnership with Terracycle
L’OR Espresso Onyx Intensity 12 Coffee Capsules


Great, convenient option
We love a barista made coffee but can’t really go wrong with the pod-style machines when you need some convenience. These pods are easy to purchase at the shops, taste great, and honestly just do the job!
This is great when you want a strong coffee. I love my coffee, always double shots for me. Easy to use and conveniently tidier than grinding beans but still with a barista finish.
Get you by
These capsules aren’t terrible, the trouble is they often get stuck in the click system for the coffee machine and you have to exert a lot more pressure to get them to pop and run for coffee. Flavour wise though they are on par so great if you need an easy to access option
Convenient Capsules
Purchasing these from a supermarket is very convenient & they are strong enough to use for a latte or cappuccino (my preferred style of coffee.
My go to Coffee
For years I've used "L’OR Nespreso" capsules, it's my go to brand. I enjoy the multiple variants of strengths and flavours, but for a person like me, who wakes up at 5am, I need an extra kick, so onyx 12, is the best one for that. It's so versatile too, not only is it great for the cold mornings, warm, but chuck in a in a double shot with some ice and a little bit of water, it's the perfect iced coffee.
Great Taste
L’OR is one Nespreso alternative I use at home. I have a few favourites in the range. The Onyx 12 Intensity is my go to when I need a quick hit of strong coffee in a hurry. Recommend you try for yourself
Love L'Or
L'Or Espresso Onyx capsules have a strong, robust flavour. I really love these in the morning when I need that caffeine boost.
Cafe quality
Make a nice cup of coffee. My go to coffee at work. Nice crème. Not too expensive.
For dark coffee lover
Onyx is usually in the mix of coffee pods I keep. It has strong dark coffee taste. I enjoy it as long black or with milk. Probably not for someone who doesn’t like intense taste but good to have a mix of different intensity to try out.
Perfect for iced long blacks!
I only drink coffee as an iced long black, and I absolutely love the flavour of these! Such a yummy flavour and continues to taste delicious even once watered down with ice. I usually try to stock up when they are on sale.
Best pods at the supermarket
I've tried most of the pods available at Cole's and woolies, and these seem to be the best so far. I like that they are also available in a monthly pack so I don't need to buy them as often.
Good price
I like these coffee pods. I’ve tried a lot and this brand is one of my favourites. They don’t taste bitter or burnt and have a good flavour. They come in different strengths and mix well with milk.
Coffee capsules
Great options of flavours and well packaged. Great amount in each pack. I like that it tells you the strength of the coffee also.
If you like strong and bitter
Good quality packaging with no issues with capsule. If you like your coffee strong and bitter, this is definitely for you.
Love this coffee
It's my favourite of all the LOR coffees great flavour good strength I buy this one all the time I love it

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