4.3 5 0 117 117 A delightfully smooth and creamy blend of Moccona coffee and vanilla flavouring, topped with a delicious layer of velvety froth - indulge in a sweet pick-me-up any time of day.
Moccona Coffee Sachets Vanilla Latte
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Great to start your day
I like this product. Great start to your day for a person who loves coffee and the taste of vanilla it is not to strong and neither sweet. I love the Maccona brand also of coffees it is my go to in coffee
Sweet tooth
This brand of coffee is okay, I thought I’d enjoy it more as I love their plain coffee. I find this flavour to be a bit too sweet. Maybe if the vanilla wasn’t as strong it’ll make the coffee much for drinkable. As Moccona brand is nice without flavouring.
Its a very smooth and creamy coffee with vanilla flavor. Gud froth on top makes its yummy . Bit sugary though but that's ok. Would highly recommend.
super sweet pick-me-up
I occasionally buy these to have on hand for when I feel like a super sweet pick-me-up. They are so easy to make and the finished result is almost as good as a cafe coffee. The thick crema on the top is quite decadent and the taste has a lovely sweet kick. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys a sweeter coffee (maybe not for those who like their strong and dark).
Light and creamy
If you like your coffee sweet and creamy but not too strong then this is for you. No need to add sugar as it’s already sweet as it is.
Sweet but Refreshing...
If you have a sweet tooth, you will really enjoy coffee. It was very easy to use and when coffee consistency was very thick. Some people might not like the level of sweetness but I think that it was refreshing.
Nice but too sweet
I brought this for a change to normal instant Was nice with the vanilla but too sweet Reduced sugar would be great
Best flavoured coffee yet!
The Moccona Vanilla Late sachets are a lush and creamy coffee that’s quick and easy to make thanks to the conveniently portioned sachets. The vanilla flavour is perfectly balanced.
Creamy and milky
I enjoy trying different sachets so I bought this one. It is easy to stir in hot water and mix and enjoy. It is very creamy and has a strong milk hit with some coffee, would be nice if the coffee flavour was stronger.
very good
I purchase this product before and it is so tasteful and it is very handy to take this travelling or work
Nice coffee
This coffee is tasty however Nice for a treat as it is a little bit too sweet for me
Nice product
I find this product is too sweet. While it has a nice flavour, I still feel it could be a little less sweet which will make it taste much better.
Loooove this so much ! One of the only hot coffee drinks I drink at home. Super easy and super creamy.
Great for a quick coffee
Great flavor and great if for work where I only have access to hot water. Not very strong either!!
Great to take to work
My husband takes a sachet to work each night. I have bought other brands and other flavours but this is the one he requests time and time again. The vanilla flavour through the coffee is really delicious.

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