4.9 5 0 19 19 Layer upon layer of rich, melt in the mouth pastry. Pampas Butter Puff Pastry is perfect when a rich, golden, crisp pastry is required. Ideal for savoury or sweet dishes.
Pampas Frozen Butter Puff Pastry
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Melt in your mouth pastry!
Pampas puff pastry is a staple in our freezer. It always puffs to a delectable crust and is very versatile. Compared to other brands, Pampas is the best! it is consistent in its cooking time and has a beautiful buttery taste.
One of the best
I have been using it for long and they never failed to impress. All the sheets are of same consistency and bake at the same temperature while some other brands puff pastries are not consistent and some turn brown quickly than others. It is great for both sweet and savoury dishes and snacks. I even eat it on its own with my tea.
Quality Product
I always keep a packet in my freezer. It’s versatile and never fails to puff as promised. It has a wonderful buttery taste and is great for savoury and sweet dishes.
Freezer staple
You'll always find a packet of this in my freezer. Always going to be a staple.
Great product to keep in the freezer for when the mood strikes, I’ve used this product to make a variety of things from pies to desserts and it always turns out fantastic.
Sausage roll heaven
Easily the best puff pastry I've used, my go to all the time. So easy to use, puffs nicely and super light. Currenty have home made sausage rolls in the freezer.
Puffy buttery goodness
Love this puff pastry, I won’t buy any other brand. It’s light, fluffy, buttery. Everything you want in a good puff pastry!!
Perfect Pastry
I usually buy the plan puff pastry but thought I would try this new butter one. I used it to make home made apple turn overs.It was the perfect pastry puffed up well golden brown nice and flakey the butter taste was pleasant not over powering
Flakey and easy to use
This is my favourite puff pastry. The sheets are easy to separate, it cooks well and tastes great. It works equally well for sweet & savoury dishes. I'll often use it as an easy lid for pot pies.
Pampas Puff
All Pampas pastry are brilliant, they are a great substitute from making your own puff pastry. The butter is just delicious, rich but yummy. No matter what you prepare for the filling, the pastry won't disappoint.
The best
It makes such a difference to use puff pastry that's made from butter. This pastry is super versatile and tastes great with everything... sausage rolls, pies, cheese straws, quiche. The list is endless
Making pastry.
This product is great to work with and create great pastries. I usually make chicken filled pastry and the fluffyness ave crispness is amazing. I would recommend this for anyone that wants to have good meat or veg pies with a crispy tasty layer.
easy to work with and delicious
This is great for using for pasty sweets...beautiful and flakey and love the buttery flavours
Absolute best store bought pastry
Pampas Puff Pastry with butter is certainly the best puff pastry on the shelves. It is the closest to home made and has a lovely taste and always puffs nicely. I have used it to make sausage rolls and also sweet treats like apple triangles. It would be great if the packaging was resealable as once opened it can dry out a little in the freezer. I always wrap mine with glad wrap to put back in the freezer.
Best Puff Pastry
Pampus puff pastry with butter is the best available in taste and texture. I prefer this one compared to the varieties which use vegetable oils because the butter puff pastry is closest to home made that you can buy. The flakey layers are much better than the other varieties too. I use this for making pasties, sausage rolls, spinach and cheese pastries as well as other savoury and sweet pastries and use this for pie tops. If I am unable to get the butter puff pastry in the supermarket then I don’t buy the other vegetable oils variety unless I am really desperate. Highly recommended!

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