4.8 5 0 61 61 Roughly chopped spinach and fabulously creamy, fresh ricotta, wrapped in paper thin fresh pasta. Try serving them with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, chilli flakes and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Now available in family size pack with 4 serves.
Rana Ricotta & Spinach Tortellini
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Best pasta
This pasta is very good quality. It cooks quickly and tastes delicious. It keeps its shape when cooked and doesn’t end up a soggy mess. I’ve always got some of this pasta in my fridge.
Best filled fresh pasta on the market!
Hands down the best filled fresh pasta you can buy!! Fresh, Not overly processed and restaurant quality!
Easy delicious meal for two
The perfect portion for two. Fresh tasting centre that isn’t over processed like all of its competitors are and you can get it in any supermarket. The pasta itself is fresh tasting and cooks in under 5mins! All other products I have used I have had issues with getting the pasta to the perfect texture. They alway end up with half rock had and half soggy! But NOT THIS BRAND!!! This brand is the best I have ever had! No joke.
Love, love, LLOOVVEE this product! The taste of the filling is superb and is surrounded by lovely super thin pasta so it is not lost in a mass of chunky, gluggy 'filler' dough. Cooks in a super fast flash and makes a consistently delicious, easy and tasty meal for when you are time poor or just cannot be bothered going to too much trouble. Fantastic range of pasta products from La famiglia RANA and I will keep purchasing as long as the high quality level is maintained.
Rana , quick & tasty
I love all of the Rana pasta range, they are all very quick to cook and tasty. The Ricotta and spinach has really well balanced flavour and a pleasant texture for the filling.
Love this pasta, little kids and adults loved it equally. Tasty & easy and tasty meal to put together after work.
Perfect Pasta
If you don’t have time to make your own then this is the perfect option. Fresh simple flavours, simple easy directions for perfect al-dente cooking every time! All little more expensive than most fresh pastas but well worth it!
Love these for dinners taste very good and make good for food when friends come over.
A family favourite
Huge fan of this tortellini. Fresh, easy to cook and well packaged. Flavour is fantastic without being overpowering. I find it doesn’t even need any sauce to accompany it, I just serve hot with olive oil. Perfect for nights when you don’t want to cook, but still want to eat something tasty and enjoyable. This is now a regular in the weekly shop. 10/10 recommend.
Great supermarket pasta
Love this pasta. Great flavor super quick to cook(trust the guidelines on the pack). Makes easy lunch or dinner. Going to try all the flavours
Très bon
Rapide à cuisiner, ne s’ouvre pas a la cuisson. Très bon équilibre des saveurs.
These are now my favourite packaged pasta. The pasta cooks well and they dong fall apart. Really like the mushroom variety. Well priced too.
Very good pasta- filling is delicious. I bought this on a whim and so glad I did. I've bought this again since and it's become a favourite.
Great supermarket pasta
We purchased this on a whim and we have been so impressed. The filling is delicious and the pasta is so and doesn't have a bland taste like some of the supermarket brands do. Its a top choice for a fresher meal and the kids were so impressed. Its a great quick and easy meal as it only takes 15 minutes to create a gourmet meal.
Easy and delicious
I buy this pasta all the time, as well as other flavours in the range. It’s a quick and easy meal without the need for fancy sauces. I would highly recommend especially for those nights you can’t be bothered

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