Solo Zero Sugar Soda Syrup

4.3 5 0 52 52 Make Solo Zero Sugar from the comfort of your home with Solo Zero Sugar Soda Syrup. It’s inspired by the original thirsty crusher and has a customisable taste without the calories. Simply add to your sodastream and enjoy.
Solo Zero Sugar Soda Syrup


The best
They have nailed this product! It is the absolute best. Recommend and would buy again. Yummy taste and easy to use. Price is cheap too!!
make it like a bought one
made with the right ratio, this syrup tastes just like a great can of Solo - and without all the sugar
Taste normal
I think they’ve done a great job with the flavours I wouldn’t no the difference from original to sugar free
Soda stream solo syrup
I was pleasantly surprised by how nice this was considering it was sugar free. So much cheaper to buy instead of actual solo soft drink and healthier options to cut out sugar in your diet. Highly recommend to try.
Very tasty
I really enjoyed it, you can make it as strong or as week as you like.
Be surprised
We recently invested in another soda stream machine after years of not having one,and we brought this product along with many others we were little unsure being zero sugar,But was pleasantly surprised,it taste just as good as the sugar version . You won't regret using this product if you were to purchase it.
nice/ not too bad
i did find it very sweet and not as lemony as the real thing but its great especially if you just want to add a hint to your sodawater or water to drink more throughout the day. not bad would only purchase if on special wouldn't go out of my way to get
Yummy lemonade
Its a nice lemony twist to your meal. I like how it is not too sweet and refreshing. Goes well with a hot burger and fries or even with a plate of spicy biryani.
Home made lemonade!
Simply add this to your home made Soda water and you can’t beat it for a nice refreshing drink at the end of the day.
Make your man a solo
I found the syrup very much like the produced drink solo . Especially like the sugar free. Goes well in my soda stream. Would recommend
It was good
My daughter really liked this in her soda stream water. I found it a bit sweet but not too bad. It works out a lot cheaper then buying made up bottles all the time so I would try it again and use some of the other flavours as well.
solo s
it tastes week compared to normal solo need lots to flavour love soda stream but this isnt great
Versatile cordial
Great with soda water to enjoy the original flavour, even better to add to flavoured soft drinks or cocktails to mix things up a bit!
Great syrup without sugar
If used with very fizzy sparkling water, tastes just like the regular bottles you can buy, taste is still a bit different from the sugar version, but you get used to this fast
Great Taste
This is a great product with your soda stream

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