Vileda Microfibre Flip Flat Mop

4.4 5 0 20 20 The Vileda Microfibre Flip Mop head flips 180° that allows you to clean two times more surface area – Clean longer without stopping! Unique microfiber with power strips removes stubborn and greasy dirt, excellent for hair pick up.
Vileda Microfibre Flip Flat Mop


Perfect for a quick and easy clean
I love this Vileda Microfibre Mop, it's effective in cleaning the floors well and leaves a nice subtle shine afterwards. It's lightweight, the microfibre Mop mat is easy to take on and off and is easy to wash! This is my favourite Mop that I use in between floor cleans or when I need to do a quick freshen up of the house. I've had it for over two years now and is still going strong, I have had to replace the Mop mat only once.
Move on
Bought this mop for the fake wooden floors in a rental. Once wet ,don’t get it too wet because you won’t get it dried up. It’s ok to slightly mop a floor if you don’t want mess still left on it. I like the micro pads to clean but they don’t soak up anything spilt,it just moves it around the floor until it eventually gets it all,ca take ages for that to happen. I keep mine in the kitchen beside the fridge,it’s good on polished cement floors ,but of hot water and white vinegar do well. It’s just not a mop to soak stuff up. The pads slip off to throw in the washer so I have a spare ,one in wash one on mop. They are exe in cost ,easy to use but not doing what I need a mop to do like pick up spills. You can have one side damp and one dry as it flips easily
Space saving mop
I replaced my old mop and bucket with this and never looked back! Saves space, easier to clean with and even easier to clean after use. Folds away well and easily reassembled when needed.
Does a good job
I have a dog so this mop comes out a lot! It does a brilliant job at getting to those hard to reach areas around the house and collects dirt, dust and hair so easily!! A really good product!
works wells
does the job right and works very well. I really like how the mod head moves to help get in those tight spaces around the house.
Awesome product
This mop gets in to hard to reach places and is great for floors, walls, doors and ceilings!!
High quality microfibre mop
Great product. Easy to use and to clean. I can get the mop right into the corners. Made it soo much easier and quicker.
Love it
I love these types of flat mops for a quick and easy clean. This one is light weight, is easy to store and works well. Highly recommended.
Great length
It's a great length mop and quite easy to use. It's foldable and easy to store
Quick, easy cleaning
This is a effective and easy to use microfibre cleaning mop, with a large head to quickly clean areas. It’s also eco friendly and easy to clean, which is great. The microfibre strips on the mop head help remove and pick up stubborn dirt & stains on hard floor surfaces.
Obzirom da se dodatnim poslom bavim čišćenjem kućanstva, ovaj viledin čistač bih preporučila svima. Moji parketi nakon njega ostaju blistavi i bez tragova.
Best Mop
Love Viieda products Great mops Great value. Always used and I’m a clean freak
Good little gadget
Its a good mops, glides over floor well and give a good clean. I am able to apply pressure to remove stubborn or tough marks and spills. I still prefer my mop and bucket as I feel the clean is just a little better personally but this is still a solid alternative. This would work best on floor boards and glossy tiles.
Great clean
Convenient and easy to use with a good length handle. It effectively cleans tiles and picks up dirt, grime and even little bits of crumbs. The mop easily folds up, making storage super simple.
Time Saver
Great product for someone that has a busy life, quick and easy to use. Found it worked well wet and dry, picked up pretty much everything dry dog hair, grass etc and when wet got most marks off the floor.

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