4.5 5 0 24 24 Farm-fresh inspired shampoo blend infused with rose water and chamomile formulated for sensitive scalps and soft hair. Achieve that fresh look and feel without the shower, this dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and grease.
AVEENO® Rose Water & Chamomile Blend Dry Shampoo
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L'ensemble du produit est bien. Seulement léger film blanc sur les cheveux et la texture du cheveux qui change un peu
love this dry shampoo its def one of my favs to use when i need a pick me up between washes. smells great n dont make my hair look a hot mess. i would def tell my friends n family to try it
I mean this product at work it’s just not my favourite of other go twos ones
Love it!
I love this dry shampoo! The smell is the best part, it's so luxurious and makes your hair look newly washed. Works well on day two or three hair if necessary, and does not leave gross residue
Love it
I bought this a while back. I really like it ! Dry shampoo is always handy for last minute plans when you don't have time to shower. It smells wonderful too ! Would definitely recommend.
Gotta try this...
Smell is amazing ! Leaves my hair feeling soft and clean.
Hospital use
I used this shampoo on my daughter after her surgery. She could not shower it did a wonderful job. Never dried her hair or gave her dandruff
Not a fan
Honestly not really a fan :( I was hoping to like it but I found it was just thick and white on my hair and didn’t make it look less greasy by much at all. Probably would not recommend
Aveen0 pour des cheveux longs c'est le plus magnifique que j'ai essayé a ce jour et je le recommande à vous tous
J'ai tester ce shampoing
J'ai essayer ce shampoing et j'ai A D O R E R il a rendu mes cheveux doux et soyeux tellement que mon copain a vu la différence immédiatement!!!
Aveeno products are amazing
Love this product, leaves hair feeling great.. never feels dry
Loved it!!!
Very nice product, got lots of compliments, looking for more products.
Great for when you’re running late
If I’m ever running late I rely on this stuff when I don’t have time for a shower 5 star all the way
This shampoo makes my hair so soft and smooth! I have a problem with dry hair and frizz and these helps so much!
Works awesome
I’ve used many dry shampoos and aveeno is the best so far! It’s well priced, and it doesn’t leave a residue in my hair!

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