Dr. Brown's™ Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump

5 5 0 12 12 No more wasted breast milk! The Dr. Brown’s™ Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump uses hands-free, gentle suction to collect and save every last drop. Using soft suction to draw out milk, the Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump is your silent companion to catch leaking milk while breastfeeding. Simply place it on your breast, squeeze the base of the pump once to create gentle suction, and let it go to work. It’s hands-free milk collection! The 100% silicone material is soft against your skin and conforms to breasts of every shape and size. An easy-pour design ensures you can transfer your breast milk into the included Dr. Browns’ bottle and store using the secure storage cap, all without losing a drop. The portable and practical design of this milk saver – along with the included drawstring bag – makes it simple to take on the go to pump and relieve engorgement. To use it as a pump, just gently and slowly squeeze and release for more suction power.
Dr. Brown's™ Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump


Bien aimé !
J’ai adoré utiliser cet article lors de mon allaitement. Cet article m’a éviter de gaspiller mon lait. Et celles qui allaitent savent à quel point notre lait est précieux les premiers jours !
I’d get one again
I honestly would get one again if I were to become pregnant ever again ! Super simple and easy
Great help
This was a very helpful thing for me is having a hard time sucking my nipple
Best product to try
Absolutely amazing. I am in love with the breast milk catcher, you suction it on your breast your not feeding or pumping out of and it will collect a bunch of milk, but watch out, it fills quickly!
I loved these
This pump was so wonderful to use!! It was much more convenient then a full pump and so much easier to clean. I will be buying another one with this baby.
Big help
It's easy to use and clean. It should be the first thing in your hospital checklist
Each time I was breadtfeed my daughter my t-shirt was wet because I got too much milk. I bought this product and I really love it. Now each time I breastfeed my daughter my t-shirt is dry and I can freeze the extra milk.
We should all have this!!
I bought this for my first child and love who it was useful since the first week she was born. I really recommend that product for new mom doing breasfeeding. Must try!!!!!!!!!!
Extremely useful
Loved this, especially for the first weeks when your breast leak and want to effortlessly get a milk supply. Milk collector is super soft and bottle is perfect size for transportation and baby does not get colic. I even used as a pump while car travelling to bottle feed baby. It is a MUST for breastfeeding moms
Une merveille
Ce produit est un must! Il fait économiser temps et argent puisqu’il est très abordable. Nous pouvons tirer le lait d’un côté tout en allaitant de l’autre sein. Je recommande a toutes les mamans allaitantes!
I would love to try it since i am a mother of a six month old baby
wow I would like to try this product, I like it very much and thank you very much for letting me be a member of your family thanks.

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