Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt with Lavender

4.8 5 0 618 618 Soothe and sleep with Lavender. <br><Br> Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution combines Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate U.S.P.), which has long been known to help revitalize and refresh skin’s appearance with luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses.
Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt with Lavender


Wonderful scent- luxurious bath product!
I love the scent of these epsom salts and I love how soft my skin feels after I use them. I buy these every Christmas for my Mom who loves taking baths, and every year she raves about how superior this brand is for epsom salts! This is my go to brand without a doubt. I’ve tried other scents from this brand as well and they are all equally as luxurious! Definitely give this product a try, you won’t regret it.
Spa Experience
I have would highly recommend this product if you enjoy taking relaxing baths. These bath salts with lavender elevated my bath time to a spa experience the first time I used it! I love that it’s lavender scented so it’s more calming and relaxing. The bath salts dissolve really good into the water. Leaves my skin smooth and silky. From now on these bath salts always go into my bathwater!:) *Please keep in mind that this is my personal honest review and experience with this product. Your experience may differ from mine. We are all different and unique in our own beautiful way. We all have our own personal preferences and opinions. I thought to add this little note that I created to at the end of each of my reviews. Remember you are amazing! :)
This is the only product that I use for soothing my aching muscles after a long hike through our northern trails. The pleasing lavender scent is a wonderful addition to the experience.
Wash away the cares of the day!!!
I love Dr. Teals products and the wonderfully lite lavender scent “washes away the cares of the day”. I suffer with severe chronic pain daily from fibromyalgia pain to rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis just to name a few. This bath soak in a warm hot tub makes my pain wash away after 10 to 20 minute soak. I recommend anyone try Dr. Teals many wonderful aromatic soaks but the Epsom salts just helps so much. I suggest everyone try it whether they suffer with chronic pain or just muscle aches. And you can just help elevate the stress of everyday life too! It’s a dreamy,and relaxational getaway for mind and body. It also helps me get that rest I can’t seem to get on my own… Try it tonite and you will thank Dr. Teals in the morning.
Nice scent
Epsom salt baths have always been very soothing. Dr. Teals with the lavender just adds that much more. Lovely scent and makes it easier to relax at the end of a long day. The only suggestion that I would make would be to increase the scent slightly.
Very relaxing scent and overall feeling for a bath salt. Dissolves pretty well too. Love using for a night time bath the scent helps you unwind.
A must in my self care routine!
These are great for soothing sore muscles and when you want a relaxing bath. I absolutely love the scent. I always have these on hand in my house when the need arises. They are a must in my self care routine.
Relaxing, not overpowering
Excellent product! I find it adds to the relaxing experience without leaving an overpowering smell. I have sensitive skin and I'm sensitive to strong smells and this product worked out perfectly.
most reliable and affordable bath salt!
Dr Teals is my go to for bath salts. I love baths after a long and stressful day, the lavender scent isn’t overwhelming and gives you the best sleep afterwards. I find these salts do not dry out the skin and the essential oils actually nourish. I also love their other scents depending on my mood.
Soothing smooth
I’ve used this product for a few years now, I love the aroma and the soothing calm that comes with it. My feet feel so smooth and comfy afterwards. I slip on my fluffy socks and love the smoothness .
Love it!
Smells amazing and creates a cozy ambiance when I use it. A huge fan
Dr. Teal's never fails! It is no surprise that the Epson Salt with notes of lavender was highly enjoyable ! It encouraged relaxation before bed , and left skin feeling soft and hydrated! I recommend this affordable and reliable brand.
Smells amazing
I love this product, it’s one of my go to bath products in the winter because of the amazing lavender smell. It is so relaxing without being so overwhelming. I definitely would recommend trying this out.
Excellent for mini spa experience
I bought this as the Eucalyptus was sold out and is my normal go to epsom salt bath treatment. I am not a fan of lavender but this product worked just as well as eucalyptus to relax my achy muscles and over thinking mind. Overall, as expected product and if I had to buy it again I would.
I absolutely love these bath salts great smell and super relaxing and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft.I like to use the bubble bath as well. Thanks dr teals you make bathtime so much better

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