Gain Fabric Softener Moonlight Breeze

4.8 5 0 306 306 This is not your everyday fabric softener. This is pure liquid ahhhhmazing. With the awe-inspiring scent of a fresh breeze under the moonlight and the oh-so-gentle softness found in Gain Moonlight Breeze Fabric Softener, your laundry will feel as good as it smells. Let the self-hugging begin.
Gain Fabric Softener Moonlight Breeze


Gain is the new iphone
I love gain fabric softener. I love gain soap. The smell is too different and I will never stop using it. It's just a little expensive but I try to get it when it's on sale. I love the smell. Nobody can tell me anything different because, i get nothing but compliments on my clothing
perfumy and the bottles are small
I used to use Gain all the time, but I have gone to a different brand and more natural & un-scented products; gain keeps putting more and more scents and chemicals into their stuff. I also find this to be very pricey in store and they are shrinkflating all their products while charging more.
Fresh scent your whole family will love
This is our favorite fabric softener. The smell is fantastic and lasts throughout the day. Also, the clothes were soft and cuddly when they came out of the dryer. A little of the liquid goes a long way and the sheets keep static cling away.
Left clothing super soft
This product left my clothing really soft and fresh smelling. I would like to see the cost a bit lower as there are other kinds I have tried that were quite comparable but pricing was much less.
After few weeks from opening the bottle, got so thickened that i cant pour It anymore
My favorite fragrance
I like the moonlight breeze fragrant so much. I buy everything with that fragrance, ambiance spray, linnen sheet... It's smell so good! The only thing that doesn't make me put more stars is that is a little harsh on sensible skin.
Beautiful smell
I always use gain because it has an amazing smell which I like to smell on my clothes after washed and it cleans so well. I highly recommend it
Heaven in a bottle
I am completely scent free as I have skin issues but the second I will be allowed to use scented products again I will run to Walmart to get gain! It smells the best and smells good for weekends on the laundered clothing.
Love this product
Great smelling gives your clothes that wonderful fresh smell cleans clothes fantastic the only laundry soap I will ever use never change this product
Smells great but very strong scent
We tried this scent after seeing it on sale. We typically get the Downy brand but this was on sale. It smells great and works well. I'd say be prepared for your clothing to have a strong scent of product. It's long-lasting and makes your clothes smell great though and I recommend it.
Pleasant smell
I simply love Gain fragrance! Persistent smell after several days. The fabric is soft and static free. Try without fault with the sheets!
The whole entire line is my favourite!! Smells so nice. It is quite expensive but I’m able to find it cheaper online thankfully. This stuff is worth it. Buy the whole entire line and you won’t regret it
My Favourite Laundry soap.
We love Gain. Clothes smell good and fresh for a long time. When wearing a T-shirt or taking out towels washed in Gain, you really do smell your them because you`ll love the smell.
The smell of freshness
I love this fabric softener! I have tried multiple brands and scents but this is the one that wins. This is by far the longest scent holding fabric softener, weeks later my towels still smell fresh and fragrant. It doesn’t leave spots or residue on my clothes as some other fabric softeners have. The smell is amazing! I would have a hard time finding another fabric softener that compares.
My husband is addicted
Listen my husband will spend so much money on anything gain !!!!! Like it’s really horrible the amount of money he will spend !!! But he loves it!!! And it does smell amazing so we always use it

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