Gain Fabric Softener Moonlight Breeze

4.8 5 0 139 139 This is not your everyday fabric softener. This is pure liquid ahhhhmazing. With the awe-inspiring scent of a fresh breeze under the moonlight and the oh-so-gentle softness found in Gain Moonlight Breeze Fabric Softener, your laundry will feel as good as it smells. Let the self-hugging begin.
Gain Fabric Softener Moonlight Breeze


Smells very good
The product is good overall and the smell is amazing highly recommend it
J’adore l’odeur de cet assouplisseur l’odeur reste dans les vetements longtemps.
Gain moon
Like all Gain products this has a fantastic scent!!
Still love the original gain smell
I have always loved Gain. This product does smell great and I would use it again but I do prefer the original gain smell. It seems to last a long time in your clothes.
Amazingly fresh smell
I absolutely love any gain products, the wonderful smell lasts for days and days. People walk down the street and just wanna smell you that's how amazing it it. I wish they would make a gain perfume lol
fantastic softener
smells great, leaves cloths smelling amazing and so soft. I buy all the Gain products I can find. You can also add the beads to your laundry load I recommend this to anyone who wants soft amazing smelling clothes . The smell lasts for weeks as well
Liked it
J’achetais ce produit dans le passé. Mes enfants ont la peau sensible j’ai donc cessé toute utilisation de savon commercial pour me tourner vers le soda à laver. Je m’ennuie de l’odeur, qui est beaucoup plus agréable que celle de la senteur en bille.
The Smell is amazing
This smells like everything wonderful in nature, not only does it smell amazing it works like it should and leaves the clothes smelling unbelievably good I would absolutely recommend this product
Odeur agréable
J’ai bien aimé le produit. Une odeur agréable. A essayer sans hésitation.
Beautiful scent even for the men
The Scent is flowery but not too flowery to soften my husband and boys clothes with it. It didn't leave any spotting like some softeners do. I definitely will keep this on my to buy list.
Smell very good and do the job he is supposed to do!
So nice
I love this product for the way it makes my clothes smell and how soft it makes the fabric. Thos is the only one I have found that keeps the fresh smell lingering. I am very happy to have this in my laundry room.
Love the smell!
I have never been a fan of fabric softener but this one makes my clothes smell so good! The clothes come out clean, softer and the smell last for a long time. It is my favorite one so far and I will definetly continue to buy it!
Great product
Great product and it gets the job done. Love the scent.
Gain assouplissant
Gain assouplissant textile, une brise de fraîcheur qui dure longtemps

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