4,7 5 0 35 35 Emballage de 64 brassées avec odeur de lin frais, avec un feuille pratique qui nécessite aucune mesure et ne crée as de déchet. Hypo allergène, certifié par des dermatologistes indépendants. Sans parabènes ni phosphates.
Détergeant écologique en feuille Tru Earth
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It's a great alternative
We have been searching for a detergent that can be taken on trips more easily. We liked it so much we have started using it at home. We enjoy thats its a better environmental choice as well.
Mind blowing!
When I first saw these I thought how can a little strip like this be enough for my families laundry? I was so surprised how clean my laundry was and how CLEAN they are to use!
Wash well
I love how small and compact these laundry strips are, they save a ton of space and wash clothes very well. I have tried them with and without stain removers and they work well with other products.
Was skeptical but it works
Didn't think something like this could clean my clothes well but I was pleasantly surprised! Clothes are clean just like when using regular detergent but this makes me feel way better about the environment.
I love these strips
I feel really good using these laundry strips. I believe it’s ahead of brands because of the package. No plastic. Takes up less space and cleans launch well.
Tried the baby version and regular
Both cleaned equally well without irritating my skin, which was the reason I bought the baby one in the first place. I have a lot of allergies and very sensitive skin. It dissolved easily in the water, sudsing a little and rinsed out well even though I forgot a couple of times to add vinegar to the rinse water. I am satisfied at this point and am waiting to see how it cleans after a longer trial before I give it a 100% rating.
I love these. Not only so they save a ton of space but they leave the laundry smelling great and are super cost effective. You can cut them if you want to use less detergent. Unscented is great!
I liked it and I already recommended it to my in laws and other friends. Its nice and gentle
user friendly
As someone with sensitive skin I fully endorse this product to others with sensitive skin. Compact packaging is a bonus
Love These Laundry Strips !
I really enjoyed using these laundry strips to do my wash. They cleaned my laundry just like the powder I was using. They were easy to carry to the laundry room. There was no mess, less packaging and the cost was much less. I highly recommend these strips for everyone who does laundry !
laundry strips
these laundry strips actually work great. They get your clothes clean and smelling fresh, I recommend this product less waste
Not bad
So far they work pretty well and I like that its only packaging is an envelope instead of a massive jug. The smell isn't too strong on clothes which is nice and so far it hasnt irritated my skin or my kid's.
I was skeptical at first because having toddlers they tend to wear more food than eat it and I didn't think it would work but only half a sheet and it was amazing I used the unsented so the smell was not over powering. It takes up less room and easy to use.
Love it!
I love the simplicity of this laundry strip. And how small packaging in and a decent amount of loads in a small package
Easier to store and works so well!
These are so convenient to store in the laundry room. I am so used to liquid detergent but these really exceeded my expectations.


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