4,6 5 0 15 15 Emballage de 64 brassées avec odeur de lin frais, avec un feuille pratique qui nécessite aucune mesure et ne crée as de déchet. Hypo allergène, certifié par des dermatologistes indépendants. Sans parabènes ni phosphates.
Détergeant écologique en feuille Tru Earth
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I was skeptical to try these. I was thinking how would they measure up to my usual liquid laundry detergent. I was pleasantly surprised. They work well to clean out laundry and the scent is nice and light. They save space since they don't have a huge jug I have to keep on the shelf and they are better for the environment. They are zero waste. I am currently using they and will be purchasing again in the future.
Great product
Gets my clothes clean. The strips ensure you do not waste detergent. Love the fact that there is minimal packaging. Would love it more if it had a stronger fragrance. Definitely a good product.
Clean Fabrics and Reduce Plastic Waste
Cleans all fibres and fabrics really well leaving no scent at all, and you eliminate both the costs of transporting heavy liquids and powders as well as disposing of plastic bottle or cardboard box packaging. Win-win for you and the environment. Made in BC. Check out their website for lower cost wool dryer balls and washable cotton makeup remover pads, too!
More Impressed than I thought I would be
I have to admit I was skeptical when I first tried this product, the thought of using a sheet as laundry detergent when I am used to using liquid or powder. My husband's clothes get really dirty and we have always been a Tide home however, I was surprised by how well these actually worked. 1 strip really worked for just one load!
Laundry Detergent in Eco Strips Work? Who Knew?
I bought some Tru Earth Laundry detergent before Christmas and took it with me on our family get-together. This stuff is amazing! Light weight to slide into my suitcase but powerful enough for all our laundry needs. No extra steps of presoaking. Normally I prefer fragrance free but the Fresh Linen scent is very subtle and lovely. This is definitely my new favourite laundry tool and Yea! I am helping the environment too! Thanks TruEarth!
Awesome product
My first time using this product and all in all were satisfied by the result and will probably go back to it again . Other thing I liked about it was the packaging and the logo
On the fence
I am still on the fence on this product. It does have a nice subtle smell. But it leaves so much goop in the place where detergent goes. Even if I use half of the piece of detergent. I meant to buy another pack when it was on sale at Boxing Day. Just to have on hand.
Good everyday detergent
These strips work great for basic laundry washing. They arent quite powerful enough for our dusty, muddy work clothes, but we love them for washing our daily wear clothes. It's great to have an alternative to the harsher detergents we use for our heavily soiled items. The pre-teen in the house even does his own laundry now!
Clean and Fresh
My clothes came out of the dryer feeling soft, smelling fresh and looking like a million bucks! There was none of that stickiness that other brands left on my clothing. My cotton pajamas were super fluffy and oh so soft. This is a fantastic laundry product and I highly recommend it.
Tru Earth
This product cleans my laundry as well as liquid, while using no plastic to be disposed of. The clothes are clean & fresh & have no soap residue. I prefer unscented.
Clean Laundry and No Plastic
This product is fantastic! I have been using it for over a month now and even in hard water, my clothes are clean and fresh. I also love the fact that i am no longer contributing to plastic waste in the environment.
I absolutely love these, so easy to just throw a strip in rather than dealing with liquid. I love that they are far lower waste than the jugs of detergent too! I would recommend them to anyone.
Earth Friendly
My clothes come out clean and fresh, just as with any liquid detergent. Personally I prefer the unscented version but the linen scent is nice for bedding. Using laundry strips instead of liquid detergent reduces the amount of plastic packaging by a significant amount and for that reason I will continue to use them! If you are interested in reducing the amount of plastic you use I highly recommend giving these a try.
Love it
We have hard water and it cleans as good as others!! Love not having the big bulky plastic containers to deal with
Less plastic
These washing strips are great and no recycling. The clothes came as clean as any other brand and my husband is very fussy. I would recommend to anyone. Great product. I bought mire for gifts.


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