Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

4,9 5 0 90 90 Une composition à la fraîcheur radicale, dictée par un nom qui sonne comme un manifeste. François Demachy, parfumeur-créateur Dior, l’a voulue ainsi : entre brutalité et noblesse. Les ingrédients naturels, sélectionnés avec une extrême exigence, sont joués en surdose. L’accroche est rayonnante grâce à la fraîcheur juteuse de la bergamote Reggio di Calabria. Le sillage, puissamment boisé, est signé par l’ambroxan, issu du précieux ambre gris.
Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette


I love when I walk by someone and they ask what I’m wearing because I smell fabulous! Well that’s the reaction when I wear this classy and pleasant fragrance. I love telling people where to get it. Not overpowering and brings up your confidence!
Peut être porté en toute occasions. Ne pas trop en mettre car l'odeur peut être forte. Très plaisant.
good product
This smells so nice. it's not too strong and everyone asks to know what I am wearing.
Modern man must have
If you want a sophisticated and classic fragrance but with a modern twist this is it. It was pretty long lasting in me, around 9-10 hours. It can be worn for any occasion and pretty much during every season.
A Man's Favorited
A great scent for your man. He will get constant comments about this smell. Every guy should have this in his collection.
Smells real good!
If you're looking for a good smelling scent, this one is great! It really smells good and it's not too overpowering at all.
Sauvage smells GOOD! I got a sample for my bf and when he wore it……*sigh*. It smells so clean. Fresh, spicy, woody and sexy. I have no notes. I think it’s perfect as is. I 100% would recommend this.
As a women I love this cologne. The smell is the best and I recommend everyone to get it. the packaging is so good too. All guys need this perfume or even women because it's the best.
Wonderful smell!
This cologne smells so good. This is a nice clean smell that can be worn daily and it’s not overpowering or harsh. Love it.
Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette is a highly popular fragrance. Long-lasting: Dior Sauvage has excellent longevity and can last for hours on the skin. Versatile: This fragrance is versatile and can be worn in different seasons and for various occasions. Fresh and clean scent: Sauvage has a fresh and clean scent that is perfect for everyday wear. Masculine: The scent is masculine and appeals to many men. Overall, Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette is a highly regarded fragrance that is loved by many. Its fresh and clean scent, long-lasting quality, and versatility make it an excel
My brother received as a gift. I can say it’s a perfume that really not like others, you can recognize the smell bec it’s really original. Worth the price
You want your man to wear this!!!
This is one of the most amazing smelling cologne for men that i think is out on the market! I bought this over the years for my brother, nephew and boyfriend and they all just love it.. Its a daily wear for my boyfriend, and i could sniff him all day long!
Long-lasting scent and smells so nice
I got this perfume as a free sample once and I tell you it is one of my favourite perfumes. People complimented me and asked me what perfume I am wearing. It is on the expensive side for me that is why I can’t buy this product now ,but I would really love to try it again. Long-lasting scent. Please go for it.
This is my boyfriend's all time favorite.. i love this scent and the people around him.. I also have a traveling spray of this to keep in my room
Love the smell
I bought this product and gifted it to my husband. I love the smell and when he tried it now he does not spray as much, I said do 3 or 4 spray since I really love the smell. He is saving it he said since it is nit as big. Now, my 13 year old uses it, he said he loves the smell!

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