Gillette PRO gel à raser pour hommes

4,6 5 0 147 147 Pour un rasage confortable sans effort chaque fois, essayez le gel à raser Gillette PRO pour hommes. Après avoir appliqué le gel à raser sur votre visage, vous obtenez instantanément une mousse à raser riche et aérienne qui aide au glissement de votre rasoir, pour un rasage en douceur, propre et de près que vous attendez de la part de Gillette. Le gel à raser rafraîchit immédiatement pour apaiser votre peau afin que vous obteniez une sensation de rasage de près sans irriter votre visage, et ce à chaque rasage.
Gillette PRO gel à raser pour hommes


Getting better and better
I feel like shaving creams and gels have come a long way since I started shaving. I have tried other companies, but Gillette is definitely one of the ones I prefer. Both the cream and the gel work well, but I find gel doesn’t get as foamy so is a little more manageable. I use it on my face and head, and find that I get a lot less razor burn as their product improves. I like that you can turn the nozzle to the side to lock it, when prevents accidentally pressing it (great while travelling), and also prevent a a slight leakage, which seems to happen with all of them. It also means I don’t need an annoying cap for it. Razor and shaving gel/cream are one of the things I believe each new release improves on the previous edition, and is worth spending a little more on.
Does the job
I've used this several times in the past and have found it to do a good job.
My Husband uses this brand
The Gillette brand is used by everyone in our house. My husband loves this gel formula. Great shave, soft skin. Decent price and a little goes a looong way. Trusted brand for sure.
A go to product for me
Good product. I usually use it in the shower and it holds up nicely.
not for my husband
My husband try it but prefer the foamy , for him this one doesn't work so good
Shaving cream
I know it says for men but I love the texture of the product. Makes shaving my legs so smooth. I guess that’s why my husband likes it on his face Now if it came with a feminine smell it would be perfect.
Husband loves it!
My husband always buys this! Only shaving cream he uses!
A little goes a long way
I love using Gillette PRO Shaving Gel for Men. It gives me an effortlessly comfortable shave every time. It lathers into a rich and airy foam, which lets my razor glide smoothly across my face for a clean, close, and smooth shave. The gel cools to soothe my skin, and prevents any irritation. It also smells great and lasts for a long time, as I only need a little amount each time. The packaging is sturdy and convenient, and I can easily take it with me when I travel. It is a reliable choice for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality shaving experience.
Works perfectly for sensitive area
Works super well for sensitive area. I shave 2 times a week and had issues with skin bumps and irritation. Solves my problem. No fragrance so perfect for my type of skin!
Shaving gel
This is a great product that I purchase on a regular basis. I always wait for specials since the regular price has increased a lot in the last few years. I like the texture and the cooling effect.
makes my skin feel well shaved and comfortable gies you a closer shave and cooling after
Great shave
It leaves a smooth great shave on your face. It's like I never grew hair at all. I swear I would recommend this to all of my friends:but if they keep up the good work they should go big.
Leaves me legs smooth
I love this shave gel! My poor husband has learned to buy extra because I prefer tp use his than mine! Smells nice and makes my shaves feel smooth and effortless.
Smooth & Easy
Affordable product, high quality, razor glides easily on the skin after being applied. Good smell, not too overpowering.
Great for adolescents
I have three teen boys, all who shave. They have tried many products and this is one of their favs! Cools the skin, reduces razor burn and it makes the painful task of being a new shaver much easier


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