L’Oréal Paris - Mascara Voluminous Lash Paradise

4,4 5 0 116 116 Donnez instantanément du volume à vos cils! Le mascara Voluminous Lash Paradise de L’Oréal Paris donne instantanément un volume et une longueur stupéfiants à vos cils. La nouvelle formule est infusée d’un somptueux mélange d’huiles de fleurs, afin que les cils soient revitalisés et souples au toucher. Le mascara Lash Paradise longue tenue résiste aux grumeaux et aux bavures, et convient aux yeux sensibles. La brosse ultra-souple agrippe chaque cil pour leur donner une apparence dense et volumineuse.
L’Oréal Paris - Mascara Voluminous Lash Paradise


My favourite mascara
I’ve tried so many mascaras over the years and I’m really picky . This is my go to . Anytime I try another ( even Sephora brands ) I’m dissatisfied. I like how I can add volum and length with coats . It doesn’t smudge like others and washes off well . Awesome
Totally worth it
I love this mascara, the amount of volume you get is amazing. I will definitely be purchasing this.
Love it!!
I love this product!!! It makes my lashes pop!!! Definitely my new favourite!
Full volume and no clumps
I have been using his mascara for a few years now, I prefer mascara that is clean and not thick, this mascara does the job, whether used with a primer or without. I have very light coloured lashes. I feel this mascara makes them more noticeable and fuller.
product is okay
This is one of those "you get what you pay for" products. If you're someone who doesn't care how well the product looks and are just looking for something that's cheap, this is the product for you. However, if you buy mascara based on performance, maybe walk past this one.
Good for price
It’s not my favourite mascara but she gets the job done. I’ll use this one if I’m just planning on wearing little makeup or not dressing up. It’s good for the money
loved it since i was in grade 8
i started using this when i was in grade 8 and now i’m in grade 12 so that says a lot haha. makes your lashes long and thick but not clumpy! comes off easy when in shower and with face wash
Lots of potential but….
The mascara seems to start off just fine, but I find the formula is a bit too thick and lashes stick together too much for the look I like.
A tried and true
Wow, I've gone through a lot of tubes of this. It's a great drugstore staple, capable of making your lashes look the most gorgeous ones you've ever had. I prefer thickening rather than lengthening mascaras, largely because I have longer eyelashes. The blackest black colour in the waterproof version is preferable to me, holding up to allergy season, strenuous workouts or winter snow and wind. Seeing this reminds me that I should buy another tube. If they reformulate this...I'll be coming for L'Oreal.
Very good product!
This mascara is a very good alternative for the expensive and high end brands which are sold at Sephora. The only downside that I have found with this product is that it dries out extremely quick. Overall, great product.
Great lash separator
The brush worked to effortlessly separate lashes and colour was bold and lasted without crumbling.
New favourite
My mom introduced me to this product about a year ago, and I have found that this is by far the best mascara I have ever used. It does not clump, glides on easily, and does not smudge. It makes my lashes look extremely long, giving the look of false eyelashes. Since I’ve started wearing this, everyone has been asking me if they are my real lashes and what mascara I use.
Love it
I love this mascara I highly recommend this. It made my eyelashes look long and full.
Bon achat
J'utilise ce produit depuis quelques années et je l'aime beaucoup. Son prix est abordable et il ne sèche pas rapidement comme d'autres marques plus dispendieuse.
Favourite mascara
This is my favourite mascara I love how it gives my eyelashes more volume, plus the brush wand is thick and I like how the container is not huge like most mascaras because it can fit inside my makeup bag without taking to much space it also has a good texture and doesn’t go clumpy

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