Nair Crème dépilatoire visage et lèvre supérieure à l'huile d'amande douce et à l'huile de bébé 57 g

3,8 5 0 60 60 La crème dépilatoire Nair élimine les poils indésirables en aussi peu que 5 minutes tout en hydratant pour redonner à la peau son éclat de jeunesse. Cette formule riche est spécialement conçue pour les peaux sensibles du visage et de la lèvre supérieure. Il utilise le pouvoir nourrissant de l'huile d'amande douce et de l'huile pour bébé pour calmer et rajeunir la peau, vous laissant avec un teint éclatant et sans poils. Cette crème dépilatoire Nair est une solution facile à utiliser, abordable et sans dégâts pour éliminer les poils indésirables. Appliquez simplement la crème sur votre peau dans le confort de votre propre maison - pas besoin de prendre le temps de votre journée pour aller au salon. Pendant qu'elle repose, la crème élimine les poils sous la surface de la peau, laissant votre peau lisse et radieuse pendant des jours plus longs que le rasage. peau soyeuse en quelques minutes. *Les résultats individuels peuvent varier.
Nair Crème dépilatoire visage et lèvre supérieure à l'huile d'amande douce et à l'huile de bébé 57 g


I tried this product and left it on for less then the recommended time. It stung so I had to take it off early. It left my upper lip red and sore. The next day i has a little bit of a rash where I had used the product that consist of little res bumps.
No no
I honestly will never try this stuff again it burnt so bad
Want a rash use this
I do not have sensitive skin never have, never have I reacted to any skin product until this stuff never would I use it again and I recommend “stay away from it” it burnt my skin it would have seemed
Nair Hair Removal Cream for Face & Upper Lip with Sweet Almond Oil and Baby Oil Has changed my mind on Nair products. I was never a big fan of the smell of them but this has an amazing smell and leaves my skin feeling so soft afterwards. Wonderful if you have a few pesky facial hairs to remove. Would recommend.
Undecided as of yet
I just picked one up from Showcase and used it (as a passenger) on our drive home. I didn’t feel it took off as much chin hair as I had hoped it would the first time I went around my chin but I waited a couple minutes and went over my chin again. I am a bit more satisfied although my chin does feel slightly warm and pringly. I am also disappointed that there is no mention on the outer packaging that replacement heads will be required every 3-4 months. I wonder how much those will be.
it does work, but ...
Yes this product does remove the unwanted hair on your face as described but... After removing the cream my hair was gone but the skin was left VERY sensitive to touch. Everything from water to air made my skin sensitive for a few days. Additionally, I did not like the scent. Does this product work yes, do I like the product NO.
Works but burns
I was really looking forward to.something that would rid me of the peach fuzz. Great that this one looks like it includes some "softer" qualities. I have to start by saying it works. Exactly as described. The downfall is if you leave it and rinse as directed it doesn't rinse clean. You look like your face is pealing. I also found the first couple of days after use my skin was sensitive to things even as water on the face in the shower.
Little irritating
When I applied to my lip as per directions provided, it worked well at removing but irritated my upper lip especially near the corners of my mouth. I may have more sensitive skin.
Works well!
I tried this for the first time a month ago. I was so nervous to use it, was scared of any reaction I might have. Everything went great though. As I've been aging I found my face hair becoming more noticeable. I looked into different methods of removal and decided on this. Application was easy and left on 5 minutes, then wiped off and washed face. My face was left a bit red and a little hot feeling but I used a good moisturizer and it was gone a few hours later. My face did feel a little sensitive for a couple days but then was fine. I would suggest using this at the end of your day and by morning any redness should be gone (if you have any).
Bad for sensitivity skin
It worked but was hard on my skin. Not good for sensitivity skin did remove the hair
Good product but stings
I tried this previously and it was a good product and did it’s job. The hair was removed instantly however after a couple minutes it left my skin stinging slightly!
This product is easy to use. Great quality. My upper lip stayed smooth for days! It did not have a strong smell or any burning sensation. I would highly recommend this product
Facial hair remover!
This is a product that works well and as been gentle on my skin! Goes on very easy and comes off easy as well, and doesn’t contain a strong smell. The moisturizing ingredients do exactly that, moisturize.
Amazing product!
It's amazing! Was going ona trip used it the daybefore worked awesome!
Works well
Removes the hair that you applied the cream too


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