Instant Porridge/Dalia Multigrain

4.9 5 0 16 16 Fespro Insta Porridge / Dalia is a multigrain breakfast option made with the goodness of whole wheat, corn, oats & sorghum. This pack contains 8 pouches of Fespro Instant Porridge/Dalia weighing 50 gm each.
Instant Porridge/Dalia Multigrain


Good product
I love to eat in breakfast Dalia .. It is very good for health 🙌 please try it and then belive in quality of the product for home use.. It give instant energy to eat .. Try it..
Loved it
I loved it so easy to make and super healthy and I love this because it's very easy to digest.
It's a very healthy product. You can eat in breakfast and stay healthy. Impressed!
Health product
It is very good product, firstly I had an option to give a try to it but when I gave try the taste was ultimate. And i recommend it to everyone. It is full of protein fibre vitamin and more.
Instant Porridge/Dalia Multigrain
Fespro Insta Porridge / Dalia makes a healthy breakfast in the morning with healthy ingredients like whole wheat, corn, oats & sorghum. The cereals and dietary fibres present in it makes it ideal for all age groups.
Highly recommend for old people
Actually I bought it for my grandmother I know the wheat quality so it sounds good My grandmother like it most Sometimes my papa as well Quality ,price,packaging is good Go
I love the taste .very convenient and healthy too.i recommened to all my friends and relatives. It is affordable too.the pacjing also honestly clean and hygiene. Once you try iam sure you will also like it
Omg do you have that product. I'm looking for some roasted instant made porridge in the market but don't know if it's discontinued. That's actually the best product in a pandemic or a serious situation. LIKE A WHOLE MEAL♡
I m a huge porridge lover. I would like to taste this brand. Request for a try sample
My baby loves Daliya for instantly..I need a sample and after try I give my review
Multigrain porridge,easy to make ,easy to digest,gives instant energy with immunity power..serve with ghee and find out the real taste of this
This sounds such a healthy product would love to try it lease do send it
Porridges we use but not tried it yet but will love to try a new one
Not use product very healthy product but this product use very soon
This sounds such a healthy product would love to try it lease do send it

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