Nutrilite Chyawanprash

0 5 0 0 5 Amway India has launched chyawanprash under its flagship brand Nutrilite. It is a concentrated blend of nutrient-rich 32 herbs authenticated by DNA fingerprinting made with 16 certified organic ingredients, and with no preservatives. Inspired by classical Indian recipes, the formulation primarily aims to support immunity, rejuvenation of the body, boosts strength and stamina, besides helping fight day-to-day infections.
Nutrilite Chyawanprash


I using pantajali chaywanprash I want to use this I am so excited
Though I haven't tried this one but have tried others such, id love to test this one, can I please get a sample?
Nutrilite Chyawanprash I did not try it.i want to try it.send me sample
I have not tried Nutrilite Chyawanprash. Please send me the sample will try and get back to you with feedback.
Would love to try this product and give my honest review

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