Parle G Kismi Cinnamon Biscuits

4.5 5 0 32 32 The combination of cinnamon with coffee is a gastronomical delight and these biscuits are an ideal partner to go alongside a coffee order.
Parle G Kismi Cinnamon Biscuits


Nostalgia as
Flavour reminds you of kismi chocolates. Very good taste
It taste so good that , i usually prefer it over other biscuit
It tests good as I think of it, overall a good product for every one who wanna buy it.
unique taste
i loved the product, the taste of it is nostalgic.
It brings back so many memories as childhood. I Just love this biscuit
Memories of yester years
Rememberance of childhood with the same taste, brings back the milky taste of cardamom.
It brings back so many memories as childhood. Since all my friends and I used to eat this candy alot.
Makes me nostalgic towards my childhood Love how amazing it tastes Can't get over it honestly
its awesome
from childwood i taking its a very nice chocolate .when i tried this i feel im a child
My favourite biscuit with flavour
Recently i had came accross the product at departmental store where i regularly go to grocery shopping, i was looking for my years old biscuit Parle G, but the representative told to try parle Kismi cinnamon, i had been a fan of kismi chocolate which i use in my school days that reminds me so to give a try i bought parle kismi cinnamon and i completed whole packet in parking lot and i was so surprised which the tasty , i went i the store and bought few more packets to take home
Very Good Product
This is world most testi product This is world most testi product This is world most testi product This is world most testi product This is world most testi product This is world most testi product
Best from the house of Nostalgia.
We have so many memories from Parle that we can talk about it for hours and hours. Parle keepa churning out the best products which are tasty and unique. Kismis biscuit is one of them. The parle think-tank know what we want and has given best all these years. Thanks Parle and keep up the great work.
Wonderful taste and chrnchy.
I'm using parle biscuits from long. It's my favorite brand among biscuits. It's chrunchy and delicious
Excellent taste
After eating for first time I feel that I have eaten a very good thing it makes me happier
I use this product
That have very good use to eat very enjoy this is awesome

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