WOW Crunchy Superseeds Peanut Butter

4.4 5 0 13 13 Crunchy super seeds peanut butter is the perfect combination of taste and health and can be relished as a healthy, nutritious, and protein-rich snack at any time of the day. Loaded with nutrients, it contains a healthy mix of Bold-Grade Roasted Peanuts and is enriched with Super Seeds including Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, and Sunflower seeds.
WOW Crunchy Superseeds Peanut Butter


Best in taste ever wow peanut butter
The best peanut butter till date I have tasted. It is crunchy and the sugar contains is low hich makes it healthy. The texture is awesome and in every bit you get a wholesome taste of peanuts.
Best brand for peanut butter
peanut butter which are available in the market are not as healthy as this one, it's crunchy sweet and most important part it's healthy too. This product provides all the necessary energy to Carr out our chores for the day
Wow crunchy superseed peanut butter
Crunchy superseed peanut butter is a type of peanut butter that includes a mix of various seeds such as chia, flax, and hemp. These seeds add a crunchy texture and enhance the nutritional value of the peanut butter.
Affordable and competetive
I tried this peanut butter ditching my regular brand. It has a crunchy texture and creamy as well, Gives you the peanuty taste and energy you need over the day. I would recommend using the same and it's worth buying.
Good product
The taste is good,it helps to give a healthy life in your daily life
Good taste
I wanted to try it for once so i brought it and it is very good, it tastes delicious, it was cheap and good, it is very good and very healthy, i truely recommend this product, very good
Health management
On every food product there is a table of nutritional information that states the exact health contents of the food. There is also a list of ingredients that provides consumers with details regarding the food. In today’s times, consumers are flooded with choices of seemingly similar products. I…
Good and convenientI tried this product
Good and convenientI tried this product for a month... fragrance is amazing... Every day use make my skin softer ,clean and bright ... Effortless cleaning of body as compared to bath soap...
It's a good product
It's healthy and good in taste. Just perfect combination of seeds and peanut butter it taste so good and different from regular .
Natural Taste
The Color of this product is almost perfect and the taste too gives that natural taste as no add-ons, plus they have added nuts which gives that crunchy taste. I do go to the gym, so I use 2 scoops in my green smoothie.
I love the taste of this peanut spread. Very creamy texture. Very easy to spread on bread and chapati. Quick and easy breakfast for the family.Very yummy its smells like peanut. Overall all value for money product.
Great source of healthy nutrition
The peanut butter is smooth and crunchy. Spreads really well. Tastes amazing and is at par with market prices of same product from other brands. Why I like it more is because it is aimed at healthy eating with all dietary values provided on the jar itself. My family really enjoys it
Yummy product
Being a gym freak i was always looking for something tasty to eat but on the other hand i don't want to miss out my diet as well there when I found it

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