Zandu Karela Jamun Health Juice

5 5 0 5 5 Zandu Karela Jamun + 3 Herbs Health Juice is an Ayurvedic, safe & natural health Juice. It is enriched with ingredients which are known to help manage healthy sugar levels. Zandu Karela Jamun + 3 herbs health juice is good for immunity. This juice is a natural antioxidant, purifies blood naturally, is an effective appetiser.
Zandu Karela Jamun Health Juice


Immunity booster
My father-in-law is drinking this juice as he is diabetes patient. I started drinking it during the Corona pandemic to increase the immunity. It taste a little bitter in starting but once we had habit we get use to it. I find my self refreshing n skin glow after it's consumption as it also purify blood.
Good product
It tastes so good & also very healthy. I'll recommend it to everyone.
Help to reduce Glucose levels from Blood, very good health supplements from Diabetes Patient.
i want to try this than i decide to give perfect view
Looks great for my dad as he is diabetic so we make it for him if there is ready made version available then useful

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