4.6 5 0 9 9 You don’t have to shout for “Teh Tarik kurang manis satu” anymore when you have F&N Teh Tarik Less Sweet. Now you can savour your favourite bubbly mamak drink at home or anywhere you feel like it!
F&N Teh Tarik Less Sweet
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Teh Tarik Lover
In love with this drinks as i'm a Teh Tarik Lover, and this teh not that sweet as mamak but is just nice for those who wan to diet
tasty teh tarik
I love this drinks as it is less sweet and yet tasty, it is suit to those who prefer less sugar / sugar free food and drinks.
So yummy!!
I am really addicted with the taste of f&n teh tarik..it so creamy and super yummy.. whats more important, this f&n teh tarik is less sweet so it can be drink anytime in a day..
rasa sedap seperti di kedai mamak. pekat tapi sebelum minum elok digoncang dulu
Hybrid Mamak Tea + Chai Tea
Got confuse to try Mamak Tea or Chai Tea? Why not try this! Fusion of both tea, you definitely should try F&N Teh Tarik!
Excellent Mamak Teh Tarik Taste
It is definitely the authentic teh tarik kurang manis from the local mamak shop!
fn teh tarik
Rasa teh tarik yang sedap dan kurang manis. Bagi siapa yang teringin minum teh tarik dengan cepat boleh prepare minuman nie banyak2 dalam peti sejuk.
Teh tarik
I love the taste.. the sweetness & tea flavour really balance the taste.. the price is also very reasonable.. keep making new product please
Nice taste
Taste like mamak teh tarik and can drink at any time. While driving, anywhere can bring. Easy to carry and store.
I haven't try it yet.but after reading others review, kind of want to taste it..
Something can try, dont know can keep cold or reheat. or put ais to drink
no i have not tried this f & n Teh Tarik before....I wish you can send me a free sample to me try first...then i buy it the next time to drink and recommend to my friends?

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