Farmers Union Greek Style Peach Yogurt

4.9 5 0 12 12 Inilah santapan sarapan kegemaran ramai – Farmers Union Greek Style Peach Yogurt. Snek yang dicipta eksklusif untuk semua orang dan mudah untuk dinikmati walau di mana jua.
Farmers Union Greek Style Peach Yogurt


Love the texture and taste
Love farmer union’s Greek yogurt. Taste very delicious. My kids love them. We eat it by itself or with cereal or even with fruits. The smell of the peach is good and love the chunks
Love it
Love the generous amount of peach pieces real fruit and the yogurt is thick and creamy and yummy. Everyone loves it
Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt with a hint of Real Peach, is a delicious yoghurt that contains 1 billion probiotics per serve. At Farmers Union we believe in harnessing goodness and simplicity to create our delicious yoghurt. It's perfectly crafted for 'on the go' snacking enjoyment for you, or your kids.
Taste good
I love this soft and balanced taste yogurt. The texture and flavour taster good too. I love to have it between meals. All flavours from this product are good
very smooth good taste and less sweet yogurt in the market
taste good
love it try before,i try another flavore before,this flavor i never try yet,but this brand its good not bad,the honey flavor i try for me abit sweet,but original one its nice taste good and smooth♥
Not too sweet
I love the taste! It’s not too sweet and not too sour. I never switch to other brands since I have tried this.
Super delicious
Tasty yummy definitely worth the purchase!!
Good snack during diet journey! Always my first choice
A greek yogurt with peach flavour - creamy, yummy yet not too sweet.
LOVE in a small tub!
I've been a huge fan of Farmers Union Greek Yogurt for years now and this did not disappoint. I love how I can use this for a quick healthy snack. The best part is it tastes amazing!!!

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