Skintific Cover All Perfect BB Cushion

4.7 5 0 12 12 Miliki kulit yang cantik mulus dengan Cover All Perfect Cushion dengan mudah. Alamilah kehebatan tekstur yang nipis dengan litupan terunggul (litupan sederhana sehingga menyeluruh) untuk kemasan yang sempurna. Span berbentuk titisan air mata meningkatkan lagi pemakaian berkusyen dan memastikan kemasan yang licin mempesona.
Skintific Cover All Perfect BB Cushion


Love it
Good product, it gives full coverage. Love the color, matches my skin. Doesnt crack even after hours wearing it. Um it does oxidise after an hour, but tak nampa muka kelabu pun after that. Love!
Skintific Cushion
Skintific cushion viral di tiktok sekarang. Bukan hanya viral tetapi kualitinya bagus. Dapat menutup segala cela diwajah. Medium coverage dan wajah lebih glowing dan flawless. Recommended.
Good coverage
Tried this cushion as it was hyped all over social media. It does give decent coverage which i liked but i think that it’s less effective on my oily skin over times as it moves easily.
This cushion so good on my skin i bacome more flawlees its cover all my dark spot coz of the pimple.
Dewy Perfection
This BB cushion offers light to medium coverage with a dewy finish, leaving skin looking flawless and hydrated.
All-in-One BB Cushion
Its all-in-one design streamlines my routine, offering coverage, hydration, and SPF protection in a single swipe. While the shade range is somewhat limited, the lightweight formula blends seamlessly, leaving my skin looking naturally flawless. A must-have for busy days when simplicity is key.
Good coverage but sometimes become cakey and sticky.
all coverage
light weight, all coverage, but sometimes can get cakey. depends on how you prep up your skin before apply. good product and affordable.
Light to medium coverage
The Skintific Cover All Perfect BB Cushion offers decent coverage with a lightweight feel. It effectively evens out skin tone and provides a natural finish. However, it may not offer full coverage for blemishes or imperfections, and its staying power could be improved. Overall, it's a good option for daily wear if you're looking for light to medium coverage.
It really save your day!
Get ready quickly without wasting time. With just one dap, your face changes significantly, convincing and perfect. Highly recommended. Go & get it now girl! Its really amazing result.
Glowing and Flawless
So far pakai serious kulit muka glowing then tak perlu pakai foundation pun. Just touch up guna skintific ni je. Lawa elok, tak nampak crack and the best dia bagi effect flawless dekat kulit muka
i buy this
absolutely worth the price. full coverage but its feel like nothing on your skin. i totally love it

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