WALCH Multi Purpose Disinfectant Wipes Fresh Lemon

4.3 5 0 9 9 Membasmi 99.9% bakteria dan virus pada permukaan yang keras seperti di dapur, kaunter dan sofa serta boleh menghilangkan kotoran pada permukaan barangan harian dengan pantas.
WALCH Multi Purpose Disinfectant Wipes Fresh Lemon


Effective cleaning at affordable price
I am reviewing this based on my own purchase. Scent is just nice, not overpowering, feels clean each time after wipe. Price is very reasonable so definitely will repurchase once finish.
Works well on dirty stuff !
This Walch wipes contains ingredients which can easity remove stubborn stuff and tough greasy instantly, it helps to kill germs and bacteria, the lemon smell is natural and nice.
Multi purpose cleaner
Walch multi purpose cleaner is very functioning and effective, It has a strong degreasing power, it can easily remove all tough dirt and stubborn grease and it safe my time and money.
Convenience to use
Walch multi purpose wipes is very functional. it is safe to use, with its safe and natural ingredients and unharmful formula, it brings my family a good clean with a peace of mind.
Multi purpose detergent.
Walch Multi purpose detergent is formulated with safe and natural ingredients which does not leave behind a harmful residue on the surface and leave the surface clean and shine.
Effective !
I love to use this Walch cleaning products. It easily wipe off the dirt and leave the surface clean and shine. I saved a lot of time cleaning with this multipurpose cleaning product.
great product
great product, good quality, recommended for all
Spring cleaning made easy!
I got it as a gift from a supermarket. Been using it to clean my house, it’s soooo easy to use. Just one wipe and all dust & dirt are gone! I really like this wet tissue. Convenient and easy to use.
Walch Disinfectant wipes
I love that it is convenient to use! No need to spray with another product, just wipe, and I'm confident it is clean. Every household should have at least one of these!

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