XIAO MI Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

4.3 5 0 13 13 Mi Ionic Hair Dryer mengeringkan rambut anda dengan pantas tanpa merosakkan rambut dan memberikan kelembapan dan menyerlahkan keseriannya. Ia juga mempunyai ciri-ciri teknologi canggih yang mampu mengesan dan mengubah suhu kepanasan untuk melindungi kulit kepala dan rambut.
XIAO MI Mi Ionic Hair Dryer


Affordable n comfy
Xiaomi hair dryer is the most affordable and comfortable to use. I like it
Advanced technology hair dryer
I like using this hair dyer as with its advanced technology has made it possible for the dryer to work fast and work well. It is easy to use and convenience bring for travelling.
Powerful and small
I have been using this hair dryer for a while purchasing via Lazada. It has been working great for me as it is powerful hence I can dry my hair faster and not damaging my hair too. Its a simple hair dryer but be careful not to use it too near to your hair as it will suck up your hair.
Xiaomi’s products are really affordable and easy to use. I really like it and recommend it.
Abit noisy
The sound of the dryer Without the cap infront is abit noisy.
Hi, looking for pratical hair dryer, now im using saloon type but it make my hair so dry and look not healthy at all. So sad 😔
Wow, xiao mi brand. The brand itself is already a product grantee, Unfortunately I yet to try this product, but I received good feedback from my friends and relatives around me. So I really wish I could have a chance to try on this product and share with you guys my own experience after using it.
Sekiranya diberi peluang utk mencuba produk...boleh saya jimatkan masa utk bersiap pergi kerja...produk yg saya guna sebelum ni selalu buat hal...terima kasih
Woww hair dryer jenama xiomi.. harga berpatutan.
I had seen lots of positive review on this product. The compatibility of it, user friendly, and easy to handle. I am super excited to try this one! Hope can stand a chance to try it real soon!
I really want to try this product cause I used lots of xiaomi brand product..
I yet to try this product but overall i been shared by my friend/family which product rating is good. I wish I can try for this product and experience by my own.

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