Beautilove Mask Natural Range

4.5 5 0 890 890 只需使用一次Beautilove Mask,您就可以拥有更明亮水嫩的肌肤。 它采用了纳米封装技术配置而成,可渗透至更深沉的肌肤,为肌肤保湿长达24小时,同时这款超轻巧面膜更不含对羟基苯甲酸酯,矿物油,酒精和荧光美白剂。
Beautilove Mask Natural Range


Soft, moisturising and effective
Love it as it’s moisturising and effective for my sensitive skin. Does not irritate my skin after using it and keeps my skin feeling refreshed. #htcmyxbeautilovemask, #beautilove, #hometesterclubmy
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Nice to using
Nice to using #htcmyxbeautilovemask, #beautilove and #hometesterclubmy
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Brighter, Hydrated, Smooth
Beautilove Mask Natural Range provide lots of nutrients to my skin, penetrate into deeper skin in just 20 mind and keep my skin hydrated up to 24 hours. #htcmyxbeautilovemask #beautilove #hometesterclubmy
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Hydrating, Refreshing, Energizing
Thank you for HomeTesterClub for chosen me to try the face mask. I can feel my skin in smooth and refreshing after apply the mask. #htcmyxbeautilovemask #beautilove #hometesterclubmy
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Beautilove mask makes my skin more moisture and radiant than before.. Love it..
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Lembap lembut terbaik
Saya suka sangat pakai #beautilove ni sebab ia tak pedih. Kulit jadi lembap sangat dan lembut. Bau dia pun best dan pasti akan jadi my favoyrite mask. Tq #htcmyxbeautilovemask dan #hometesterclubmy sebab bagi peluang test mask yg best sangat ni.
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Hydrating and moisturizing my skin.
This product is easy to use, effective and its smell good.
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Skin feel smooth and hydrated after mask
May be can offer more type of mask for user to choose.
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Suitable dry skin
Mask ini cepat kelihatan resultnya, your skin felt moist and bright after apply. However my skin maybe combination , my forehead timbul pimple lepas 2 hari , not sure because of the mask or how , I will still recommend to friend if the price is cheap or reasonable , maybe just not suitable me .
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Nice mask
Nice mask #htcmyxbeautilovemask, #beautilove and #hometesterclubmy
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hydrating, lovely scent and instant glow
i love the scent of all three masks. it is hydrating but not hydrating enough for my dry skin. i love that this mask is fast absorbed and i can see the glow in one application. if beautilove can provide more hydration, i’ll definitely will repurhase. i have suggested to few friends that have normal and combination skin type because i think this mask will suit them more
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Good for moisturising
Pakai malam, bangun pagi masih rasa kelembapan muka. Best dan senang dipakai #htcmyxbeautilovemask #beautilove #hometesterclubmy
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Easy, light, simple
This mask give me a very simple, and ease to use. It give me the instant moist and hydrate my dull and dry skin. Can put into my cart list in future shopping. #htcmyxbeautilovemask, #beautilove and #hometesterclubmy
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Soothing, relaxing, calming
I love the botanical mask & healthy VG mask series. Botanical mask provides moisture lock to my skin and I can feel long lasting moisture retention. Healthy VG series provides the essential skin nutrients and give ultimate hydration to my skin. #htcmyxbeautilovemask #beautilove #hometesterclubmy
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So moisturising and hydrating.
I love the mask because the ingredients are great in terms of hydrating and moisturising my skin. Feeling great after applying it
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