Etude House Creamy Milk Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

4.7 5 0 21 21 这款调色板的特点是混合了自然及中性色调,搭配自然优美的哑光及闪光色泽。用奶油牛奶巧克力调色板加深眼睑的立体感,用深棕色调突出鼻子高度,玫瑰金色调高光突出鼻端的部分。
Etude House Creamy Milk Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette


Very good
Had a very nice color, i also use this tone for my eyeshadow for natural look. can be use as contour also, did not have a picture of me in this make up but i can tell you it is worth to buy
i’ve tried one of my cousin’s, i really like the colour they promote in this pallete. it is literally what i like. it can last long as it is so pigmented. you dont really have to swap to much on your brush / finger. so good!
Good for daily makeup
It's super handy to carry it around as it comes with a mirror as well. All the shades are useful and great for daily makeup. The pigmentation is okay considering it's a Korean brand. Suitable for newbie as well.
Warna yang sangat cantik,,tidak mudah luntur,,tidak bercampuk.
I really like this palate because it really pigmented . U can wear it as ur daily basic makeup and it will make u look stunning all day. So I really recommended this product if u want to grab it. The price is really good with this kind of product
Pernah try yang kawan punya. Colour sangat pigmented dan tahan lama. And colour pun sangat cantik. Don’t worry, won’t damage your skin as this is established brand and product.
So match with my skin it suit ne welll i love it la
Warna yang cantik
Warna2 yang menarik dan cantik.Mudah untuk digunakan.Rekaan bentuk yang sangat unik.
Very pigments
I loves this as earth colour that suits me in every day my makeup routine. The colour so pigment and long dust in eyeshadow when apply it really smooth and nice. The colour suit in every Asian women..loved it
Make up
Cantik, bentuk nya seperti coklat menarik perhatian, asa mcm nk mkn je, warn yg cantik seperti tanah yg menampakkan natural beauty..❤️ ❤️..
Natural and long lasting
I like this eye shadow palette as its color are natural and long lasting, it won't spread after few hours, the color is still look natural and outstanding.
Natural color
THis eye shadow palette color is nice, it is very natural, the texture is smooth and easy to apply, the sparkling color is so outstanding. I love it !
Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette
The packaging is super duper cute. The palette looks like an actual Hershey's chocolate bar. The shades is pretty, pigmented and easy to blend.
eye palate
nice color. nude is always the best. lagipun senang blend. tu yang paling i suka about this palate. walaupun jarang2 pakai tapi color ni memang menawan kalbu.
warna yang sangat cantik
warna yang menarik dan senang di blend. padanan warna yang sesuai digunakan untuk jenis warna baju atau majlis.


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