Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette [ MY3 ]

5 5 0 13 13 这是一款便携式的迷你眼影调色板,包含六种哑光色调系列,可以单独使用一款颜色或自定义混合属于你的绝妙搭配!
Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette [ MY3 ]


Highly Recommended
Really pretty colour, look naturally and also pigmented. Perfect as that's all I wear and I will get so much use out of these colours. Love it so much.
Best Eyeshadow Palette!
LOVEEEEEE IT SOO MUCH!!! It is known that Fenty is a great brand with amazing products lineup, and this includes this eyeshadow palette! The colors are so pigmented, they are easy to blend, and last whole night. Definitely worthy of purchasing!
Warna yang menarik
Warna yang sangat menarik dan sesuai dengan kulit saya. Membuatkan saya lebih yakin setiap hari
Warna menarik
Saya pernah beli warnaa diaa memang cantik sangat craving sangat 🖤
Mudah digunakan,,sangat cantik pada kulit,,tidak melekit padabila berpeluh..
Good product
I really like this palate because it complete for daily makeup or vogue kinda makeup. U can wear it as ur daily basic makeup and it will make u look stunning all day. So I really recommended this product if u want to grab it. The price is really good with this kind of product
Natural look colour
Warna yang pigmented and tahan lama. Palette ni sangat cantik semua warna. Warna soft and senang nak blend. Untuk natural and everyday look punya style. Highly recommended pallet.
Sangat sukakannya. Senang untuk blend pada mata dan shade tidak terlalu over. Nice.
Natural earth colour
Berbaloi untuk dibeli kerana kaler yang natural sesuai dengan semua jenis kulit. Kaler eyeshadow yang terang walaupun hanya dengan sedikit sapuan. Kaler tahan lama dan tidak comot..
The best!
Its a Fenty Beauty kot. We already know the hype from this brand. Pigmented terbaikkk. I got is a gift. Nak beli sendiri macam tak je sebab mahal 😂 tapi worth it lah. pakai sikit pun dah pigmented. Why botherrr
Good Investment!
i have purchased it after i saw one of my friends bring it to the office. the colour is so pigmented and easy to blend. for a newbie and not really expert in makeup, fenty no 5 is definitely a lifesaver as it matches most of Asian skin tone. with any color of your cloth also can use this one eyeshadow pallate!!


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