Hada Labo Premium Micellar Cleansing Water

4.7 5 0 17 17 温和地为您卸妆并清除污垢。这款产品适合中性或干性肌肤。
Hada Labo Premium Micellar Cleansing Water


Holy grail cleanser
Super soft and gentle cleasing water, make your skin subtle, doesnt strike off the mositure of ur skin, ur skin still feel good and soft and moisture after use. Love it will buy again
Favourite micellar water
This is my most holy grail product! I have been using it and so far it does not make my face become harsh. No worries if you don’t wash your face after using this. Very recommended to use!
Best product
Product baik yang pernah saya pakai .sangat best ..
Hada labo best
Best use ever, very soft can use at sensitive skin
mmg best gile guna hada labo ni
recommend gila kat korg so korg yg nak try mmg bole try
Overall memang nice gilerrr😭😭👍🏻Tak rugi beli..memang suggested mantapp
tak keringkan kulit
serious best sangat guna hada labo ni,tak keringkan kulit and tak buat mula rasa berminyak,betul betul bersihkan makeup,takde tertinggal sikit pun,kalau brand lain,berkali kali remove tapi ada lagi😭
Easy to remove makeup
I think this is one of the best makeup remover i've tried. Easy to clean your make up for pre-cleansing.
hada labo mmg terbaik
hada labo ni sesuai untuk orang yang berjerawat pasir, saya pakai pencuci muka dan moisturizer hada labo yang micelar water ni pernah try sekali je
Micellar from favourite brand!
Lama dah pakai so tak ada gambar. I bought the trial one. So far as I could remember, produk ni okay lah. Functioned per purpose. I didn't buy the normal size and didn't continue using it because I always like my micellar water in bottle with spray. I have oily skin and it suited my skin.
I wanna try this product. Hope ut suit me well. Thanks
produk yang sangat baik. Mempunyai kandungan yang bagus
Saya selalu menggunakan produk hada labo.. Tapi bukan produk ini.. Saya berminat untuk cuba produk ini pula..
i memang pakai hada labo punya skincare, overall MEMANG BEST!!! kulit memang lembab and nampak sihattt i fall in loveee
Hada labo has change my life. it started when i started break out very bad...i have tried many product but it doesn't work...but then my sister recommended me hada labo..it take me like a week to see difference and after that my acne started to clearing up...from that moment i never quit using hada labo..thanks alot hada labo.😊


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