Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon

4.4 5 0 35 35 Premier beehive streaky bacon is cut from the belly, is very versatile and can be used to add flavour to salads, pastas, and sandwiches. It is a high protein meat and it is also the cornerstone of any good breakfast. All beehive bacon products are gluten, soy & msg free.
Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon


Love it
This bacon is so delicious it's the only brand we buy. The smokey taste is just awesome
Good quality bacon
I love cooking with streaky bacon and this was no exception. It had a lovely sweet but not too sweet taste, and crisped up nicely. Also worked well in the macaroni cheese. Will definitely buy again!
Streaky bacon
Very good, there was alot more meat than fat in the strip of bacon
Nice but expensive
Love the sweet and salty flavour of the bacon although the price of bacon is ridiculous and don't often buy ,my kids also love the sweetness with the bacon and its a nice treat
Can't go wrong with bacon
Over all pretty good quality bacon, not too fatty, and cook's pretty evenly. Great flavour and texture.

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