Countdown Brandy Snaps

4.8 5 0 4 4 A delicate and crisp brandy snaps with a touch of aromatic spice & baked to golden perfection, a perfect dessert for entertaining, ready to be filled and savoured. All you need to do is gently pipe freshly whipped cream into these delicate snaps & finish with a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce & crushed pistachios.
Countdown Brandy Snaps


Such a hit with the family!
Filled these with cream and put them on the table for Christmas lunch. So delicious and the plate was empty in no time! Definitely recommend!
A must have on the Christmas table. Kids love filling these and filling their mouths with them Christmas Day. A hit with the adults too.
Crunchy perfection
These are an all year round treat! So delicious with a bit of fresh whipped cream inside! Yum yum!!!!
Perfect crunch
Yummy... Cooked to perfection... Not too hard... Good ole brandy snaps..

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