4.9 5 0 141 141 Arla Cheesy Spread is made from almost 90% of fresh cow’s milk for you to enjoy the mild and creamy taste. It contains calcium and vitamin A which are important nutrients for our body. It definitely makes for a great companion when having sandwiches and crackers for either breakfast or for your kids baon.
Arla Cheesy Spread
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Cheese spread for the Win
My daughter loves this sooooo much as she would just eat it by itself. Cheese taste not too strong, creamy and cheesy! We are gonna stick to this spread
yummy cheesy spread
bought this one twice a month and my family really loves this spread. Aside from yummy it is also healthy because it is made of cow's milk and much cheaper than other brand of spread.
I already tried different cream cheese spread in the market but this one is my current favorite! I'm already on my second bottle of this. It tastes good and not that strong unlike others.
So delicious!
I'm a fan of cream cheese, so I tried this one when I saw it in my local grocery. It's so yummy and creamy! Although it's quite pricey, I'm not sure how the manufacturers could make changes on that though.
So yummy...best paired with hot pandesal .ok ok ok okok ok ok ok ok ok👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
We love this Arla Cheesy Spread. My Kids love it so much. It's always in my list.
Our Fave Spread
Thumbs up for this product👍 Why? It's because it will make you forget your name once you've tried it. The combination of creaminess and cheesiness in this spread is absolutely delightful because it will not only make you healthy but it also make you enjoy your food. This became a favorite spread in the house since the pandemic because we've tried to use it on any other food like nachos, chips and crackers. Thanks Arla for this wonderful product. Godbless.
When i first saw this in the groceries,i was curious because my son asked me, mommy..why the color of cheese is white?and he kept asking na gustong nyang matikpan at alamin ang lasa..So i bought it for him.Pag dating sa bahay agad nyang binuksan ang sabi nya 'oh so yummy mommy,so me i tried it too.Really like the creamy cheese flavor hindi sya nkakasawa and not so salty.Thats why everytime i go in the grocery i'll make sure na kasama sya palagi sa list ko.😋😋😋
Taste of comfort
Cheese is my comfort food and I was curious about Arla. Then my sister bought me this product. The first time I taste it it feels like comforting (you know cheese lover). Nowadays like pandemic, we are seeking comfort in our home. So for cheese lovers out there, try this! You'll never regret the taste.
I love this 🤍
When I first tried it, I didn’t know I’d love its taste. It was my first time to use a cream cheese spread on my bread and IT’S SO YUMMYYYYY!!!
Highly recommended
I love that this spread is not salty at all, almost like cream cheese but spreadable. Try putting this on top of your spaghetti and it will taste so amazing. Highly recommended!.
Love it!
I survived the last year of my college days on toast bread and Arla cheesy spread alone. It's so creamy and the saltiness is just right. Perfect for breakfast and merienda. This morning, I put it in my pork buns and it tasted even better.
Arla is a winner!
This spread has sets a new trend. Cheesy flavor in a white yummy spread. The children loves it, and keep asking for more. They are always get excited eating their breads because of the yumminess brought by this product.
creamy af!
cheesy and very creamy. can be added to dishes to achieve that creamy taste. 😉
Very cheesy and tasty. Not your ordinary cheesy spread. I super love it. :)

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