Arla Cheesy Spread

4.9 5 0 306 306 Arla Cheesy Spread is made from almost 90% of fresh cow’s milk for you to enjoy the mild and creamy taste. It contains calcium and vitamin A which are important nutrients for our body. It definitely makes for a great companion when having sandwiches and crackers for either breakfast or for your kids baon.
Arla Cheesy Spread


Really Good
I love Arla because I tried this before Hinde ganun katapang un salty taste nya and very creamy talaga masarap din xa ilagay sa mga pasta sauce.
One of the best spread out there! Easy to spread + milky + creamy + cheesy, all my favorites combined in one. Suits my taste with all kinds of bread.
Great taste
Masarap talaga siya at easy to put in pandesal . cheesy at not so sweet kaya recommended talaga itong arla cheesy . Siguro kung mas mababa price niya mas marami pang mommys ang makakabili nito para sa mga kids nila
ARLA na mas pina milky at pinacheesy
One if the best cream cheese I've ever tasted,
arla cheese
deliciously cheesy spread.. love it and my family also love it.. surely recommended..😊😊😊😊
Creamy and addicting
My son loves it so much! He like this better than cheddar cheese spreads. Not too salty, creamy and addicting! Goes well with loaf bread and hot pandesal. This is one of our go to breakfast meals.
The moment I got my hands on the Arla Cheesy Spread, i tasted it together with a toasted baguette…And yum!! It’s the perfect balance! I like that it’s creamy and easily spreadable. I think this will be my fave breakfast and afternoon snack!
Creamy & Cheesy
I like the balance of creaminess and cheesiness of Arla. I tried it with toasted sourdough.....the best! the taste can be compared with the pricey ones, but this one is more affordable.
Creamy and delicious!
This is the best cheese spread that we have tried. It's not too salty and has a well balanced taste of creaminess and savory. My parents loved it! It's great as a spread, a dip or even put it on pasta!
Milky and creamy
This is my son's favorite cheese! I like how silky, creamy,milky it tastes and not too salty. Best in sandwiches but my son likes it with mixed with sunny side up egg and we also tried it woth buffalo wings 😋👍 Highly recommended!
A favorite spread consumed by me and my family!
This is the perfect spread when eating pandesal! It has a very fresh taste and creamy texture. I super love this and even our dogs love this cheese spread too!💗
Level Up Your Sandwiches❤
What i love about this cheese spread is ita creaminess and the milky taste. The texture is not too thick it spreads easily on your bread. You can also try it on your dishes it taste great too.I would love to taste another variety of it like with herbs or ham. I highly recommend this to all sandwich lovers you will love it too.👍❤
My son’s favorite palaman for pandesal, milky and so creamy. He always ask his tita to always include this when sending balikbayan boxes.
Taste like inported Cream Cheese
When I tasted it , it had the balanced taste that I look for. It is only a cheese spready but tastes like imported cream cheese.
One of my favorite spread! Not too salty and too bland. Just an equal amount of saltiness that is superduper TASTYYYYY!!! Perfect pair for a very soft loaf/sliced bread. 💯💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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