Ligo Mackerel in Natural Oil

5 5 0 4 4 Add this delicious fish to your daily menu. It is filled with the goodness of tender and nutritious meat that will satisfy your hunger.
Ligo Mackerel in Natural Oil


I'm addicted to this
This is by far the best-tasting canned mackerel I've ever had. The umami of the stock is just sooo good! I always eat at least three cups of rice if this is our viand. Perfect for fritters and fish patties too. Totally would recommend!
Taste of Mackerel
I saw this product on a grocery store and didn't hesitate to buy and consume it. Ever since young were used to buy the usual brand of mackerel to compare this is beyond expected taste is good and delicious.
Fantastic taste
Well when craving for white pasta try this to add on it it gives you a flavorful and of course it's a healthy choice than meat...
LIGO sardines
This is so good i love it this is the best!! because it so yummy and its fresh

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