Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce

4.8 5 0 23 23 Elevate your meals and sardines experience with the trusted quality and taste of Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce.
Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce


Ligo sardines
Ligo sardines is tastier and best when you added egg into your recipe.
Not to Salty
I like the taste of Ligo Sardines. Hindi siya gaya ng ibang sardines na sobrng alat. Itong Ligo, saktong sakto lang.
Ligo Sardines 9/10
This product is budget-friendly and has good taste. What I do with this is sauteed it with garlic and onion and it's perfect.
Trusted Brand
Ligo has always been a trusted household brand of canned sardines with flavor and taste that captures the panlasa ng pinoy.
To go
As this can of sardines is so budget friendly for regular paying workers, Ligo Sardines can also be cooked with different kinds of combinations, you can try sauteing it with vegetables or fry it with an egg.
ligo sardines
eversince this is the fish in can we use., since in my childhood, until now the I had a family on my own.the taste don't change and the consistency of the product is well known.
Always excellent quality and good taste. There are some vitamins and minerals that you can get from sardines and is always safe to consume anywhere and whenever.
All time favorite. The taste is consistent. Not too salty. Buong buo and sardines
Ligo Sardines
All time Favorite natin, lalo na’t umuulan. Hahanap hanapin mo parin ang lasa ng Ligo Sardines. Best Ulam sa almusal partner ng sinangag. Iba parin ang gawang quality, binabalik balikan ang lasa.
Can goods
Good sardine. Well packaging throughout the years.
One of the best
It is clean and very tasty. No need to reheat. You can eat it just the way it is.
taste the fresh
It is clean and you may see its difference from the other brand.You may feel comfortable to try a sardines with the feeling of classy
Ulam for all times..eto Yung pagkain na hahanap hanapin mo lalo na pag tag ulan..pares mo lang SA mainit na kanin tapos toyo't kalamansi then your good to go .sarap..
Ligo lang malakas
it's a part of our breakfast. taste great.Kahit sa pandesal na mainit pinapalaman naman sya. Ginagawang burger din..
pang tawid gutom
ito yung madalas kong takbuhan lalo na pag taghirap, huo mukha lang syang ordinaryong produkto sa iba..pero ito ang is sa mga paborito kung e ulam ..dahil mura na masarap easy open nadin ..kaya mas easy access... at ready to eat na.. sa anu mang oras o sitwasyon...

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