Magnolia All Purpose Flour

5 5 0 48 48 Magnolia All Purpose Flour is milled from the best grade of premium wheat, it is perfect for your baking and cooking needs. It's fortified with Vitamins A and Iron too.
Magnolia All Purpose Flour


Cooking and Baking buddy
Very useful sa kitchen namin to. We love cooking and baking with Magnolia All Purpose Flour
My Magnolia all purpose flour family bonding
It's the best all purpose flour I ever used and budget savings pa ..when my family bonding ito lagi Ang kapartner in baking ..enjoy na enjoy sila...
magnolia all purpose flour
its texture is really good. i ised to make pancake using this magnolia all purpose flour para sa merienda ng kids ko. they like it very much at bitin ang 500grams for my kids merienda. so easy to use. Ii love it very much
flour that makes my cookies extraordinary
When I started baking in 2020, This is the flour I started using. The texture of the flour is perfect for cooking and baking because it doesn't need to be shifted. The flour doesn't clump together when stored properly and the shelf life is pretty long.
All purpose flour
Staple item around the house used it with doing a lot of dishes ..
My favorite flour.
I've been using this Magnolia All-Purpose Flour since I learned how to cook last 2015. I always use this when coating my fried chicken with salt and pepper. This is also my best pick when making chicken empanada.
Good quality. Gamit lagi sa pagluluto sa bahay. Would recommend this to other. Ginamit namin sa paggawa ng cake. Ayos naman! Thumbs up!
Magnolia product lover
We always have this for breading fried chicken and porkchop. Maganda sya coz its resealable no more hassle for keeping. The product is very good.
We absolutely looooveeee Magnolia’s All Purpose Flour!
It's funny we might think flour is just flour but no! Not every flour brand delivers on quality, taste, texture, etc. If you care about the quality and taste of what you serve this is the one! Highly recommended as a must have in any pantry or kitchen!
Great for batters
Gamit namin to for coating fried food. For baking cookies and brownies. Affordable din. Plus din na resealable siya. Kasama lagi to pag naggrocery kami
Cooking companion
When it comes to cleanliness, this one is a topnotch compared to those sold in markets. My moist cakes turns well, yummy and fluffy; my fried chicken never been boring as before; and my puto never failed me. I will continue to patronage this product and hope y'all try this one
Since we switched to this product we didn't try others. Good for baking, making pancakes and all around cooking. Guaranteed clean compared when you buy from a wet market. This is sealed.
Very Good quality
I have used this since I am baking cakes for my family.
Flour in every moms floor
I am a mom, and my side hustle is baking. I always use this product as it is for all around in terms baking and cooking. I used this in baking banana cake, chocomoist cake, and puto. We can also use this in different cooking such as in breading,roux, etc.
love it
i tried it once and its very good for me to use everytime i cooked or baked but its a little bit pricey unlike other brand but for me this is the best brand because its magnolia..ilove it

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