SENKA Perfect Whip Low Ph Calming Cica 100G

5 5 0 2 2 A skin pH-friendly cleanser with a silky-smooth finish, suitable even for sensitive skin. Specially formulated with Soy Extract & Cica; this cleanser works to gently cleanse & calm sensitive skin & irritation due to daily stressors. Unique Airy Whip Micro Beauty Foam: Supercharged with Soy Extract, known for its rich amino acids & anti-oxidnt propertes, gently cleanses away micro-impurities while strengthening skin’s natural barrier. Calming Cica:Known as a powerful skin soother that calms & comforts stressed & irritated skin.
SENKA Perfect Whip Low Ph Calming Cica 100G


This is one of the greatest cleanser I use it really suits my skin type
A little goes a long way!
I really love this product because just a little drop of this will make it very foamy and it is very soft to the skin after washing it. Also effective too for sensitive skins because my skin is acne prone and a little bit oily. It is also not drying to the face and leaves a glowy and soft skin after. 1000/10 would recommend this to everybody!

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