Tropicana Orange Juice

4.9 5 0 298 298 Tropicana Twister is made with real fruit juice that comes close to the real fruit experience, offering all the refreshing and revitalising goodness of real fruits. Every bottle is bursting with great taste, real pulp/ fruit bits and added vitamins for your enjoyment.
Tropicana Orange Juice


I really like Tropicana Orange Juice, its tastes good and no after taste at all. And also the price is right. Thanks Tropicana
Convenient, affordable and just right
It's not one of my go to juices but it has a decent flavor, I do prefer other brands, however, I would purchase again. It compares to others in size but the overall quality could be better.
Pulpy, sweet, refreshing
It is refreshing orange juice. You can feel a tiny pulpy on it.
Delicious Right sweetness Refreshing
Tropicana is well knowed for their juice.. Ilove buying them in a small bottle! Nkakawala sya ng pagod everytime iniinum ko at nkakarefresh.. Ang smooth sa lalamunan lalo na kpg malamig!
sweet l,real orange juice
100% real orange juice,its too sweet than the other orange juice brand
Yummy, sweet, taste right
It is much better ony usual juice. The juice's price is just right.
The sweetness just right,cannot tastes the peel zest unlike others. The puree is like fresh squeeze. This is not pulpy.its ok because there's no left over on the glass
I super love this!
I always put this on my grocery list every payday. I consider drinking this as a treat for myself with all the hard works I am going through. I just love the pulpy texture while drinking.
Tropicana Twister Orange is our everyday meal partner, most especially during breakfast! It contains exact amount of orange flavor that boosts our mood! This is also our go to juice and this is something that we cannot miss when we do grocery!
The taste is like a new harvest fruit juice that can refresh feeling and it can boost your energy when you drink this.
everyone's favorite!
everyone in our family loves this drink. anytime of the day refreshment. this one and the pulpy one always needs to be refilled on our pantry. we'll never get tired of it. It has true orange taste. It's so delicious.
Made from 100% real orange
The drink is very refreshing. Perfect for a summer weather, during high temperature outside. You can really taste the oranges and even feel the pulp of the orange in your mouth as you drink it. Definitely recommendable!
Bottled Juice
It's good enough bottled drink if you're craving for an orange flavored juice. Best enjoyed with ice on a warm sunny afternoon or breakfast. I love how it's a drink for the whole family and not just for the kids.
Tastes Like Oranges
This drink tastes like oranges— the original fruit one. It's sour-sweet and it plays in my tastebuds. I only love it when served chilled, but otherwise, I don't usually finish the entire bottle.
I really like tropicana... Taste like a real orange... So refreshing.. I will definetely recommend this juice drink to my friends. Satisfied customer here!!! 😊 thank you..

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