Zonrox Multi Clean Floral Blast

4.9 5 0 51 51 Zonrox Multi Clean has a non-bleach formula that works well on floors, glass, tiles, sinks, bathrooms and kitchens. It helps to rermove stains grease and dirt, and provides freshness and antibac protection on surfaces up to 48 hours.
Zonrox Multi Clean Floral Blast


Smells fresh
This cleaning product is one of the constant in our household. Smells great and it is not sticky when use in cleaning floor tiles too. I am confident that our house is smelling clean even we have pets around.
Best Overall All-Purpose Cleaner
great multi purpose cleaner, it has a good scent, kaya okay sya kahit sa maliit or closed door un area. hindi siya masakit sa ilong at ulo.
During this time of pandemic, this product serves it's purpose so well. It helps out disinfect our house and the appliances we have and also has a great smell.
Number 1 for all purpose cleaning
This product was amazing and helpful to all mommies especially for cleaning in our household.Definitely clean and germ free
Switch for convinience
This product helps save time,energy and money. It is very easy to use and it gives the convenience of not needing to scrub because it easily takes the dirt and stains away and it give a wonderful scent too. Buying and using this product is a steal. I so like it that I bought 2 bottles and lend some to my neighboors for them to try and experience the hassle free cleaning.
Zonrox Cleaner
It is affordable and is accessible to purchase at the market. I love how it smells and nose friendly. It is good for those who has allergic rhinitis as it is not too strong when you smell it. Of course, It cleans and fights bacteria. I always use it whenever I clean the bathroom floor and toilet bowl.
Affordable alternative
Scent is good but not that long lasting. Cleaning property is fine, considering the price you get what you paid for. It does its purpose.
Like the Scents
Maganda sya gamitin at hindi masakit sa kamay,Mabango pa at cguradong tanggal mga bacteria sa bahay pag ginamit mo.
Love It So Much! 🥰✌
napaka ganda nya gamitin para sa kahit anong klase ng dumi sa loob ng bahay...
mabango at maganda gamitin para sa bahay . malinis at maaliwalas ang bahay pag eto ginamit niyo 😊
mabango di masakit sa ilong
maganda gamitin affordable tapos di maskit gamitan banayad sa kamay at effective ang zonrox try nio din
Smells really nice!
This Zonrox multi clean does the job without the "strong cleanser smell". Makes my home fragrant and squeaky clean at the same time!
Love it so much
I love it ... it makes me clean the house with a pleasant smell i use it every wear and it doesn't dry out my skin. with small amount i can clean my entire condo unit.. will definitely recommend it
Bleach-free zonrox
Tried it once out of curiousity, and since then, lagi na kami bumibili nito. Mabango and nakakalinis talaga, plus no worries from damaging effect ng bleach pa, for mga parts and gamit sa bahay that needs cleaning but sensitive to bleach.
Clean so good
She is fragrant. The smell is not strong. Really cleanses and removes dirt. With just a few drops, you can really clean. Will recommend this product.

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