Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Eco Refill 70ml

4.9 5 0 134 134 Want a powerful bathroom cleaner that helps you save space and use less plastic? Try Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Ecorefill. This 10x concentrated cleaning spray refill delivers the same beautiful cleaning results of Cif in a convenient and eco-friendly cleaning product so you can upgrade your cleaning routine without compromising quality.
Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Eco Refill 70ml


Easy to use
I tried this refill and all i needed was to add water and thats it! Really really easy to use. And still powerfull and any other CIF would be! I think it leaves a fresh scent that lasts.
Easy to use
It cleans bathroom surfaces quickly and easily. It gets rid of soap scum and grime and doesn't leave streaks. It has a nice fragrance too. I will definitely buy this it again.
Good Product
Ecorefill cleaner for shower and bathroom. Clean overall and eco friendly too.
cif ecorefill
Brilliant idea from cif these refills are great value for money, smell great and mean you never have to change the original spray container. Would buy again.
This is a great product for cleaning the bathroom and leaves a very pleasant smell not too chemically. Great that it is eco friendly and not adding more waster to the environment.
Love that this jas less packaging Works the same as the usual full-size cif. Great cleaner
Used this for the first time and have brought it again it lasts a long time and cleans really well
The Most Amazing shine
Love this bathroom spray it makes my surfaces look incredibly clean fresh and sparkly. It gets rid of soap scum and grime with ease and is anti bacterial to. I love the fact its in an eco sized refill bottle I will definitely be buying it again incredible results.
Good idea.
I have only purchased this once as I often forget about keeping the bottle, but this is a great way to keep my plastic usage down. Still a fantastic clean as always.
This is really good my bathroom was gleaming, the shine was really nice, loved the smell so fresh and best thing is so eco. 10/10 for me doesn't need.any improvement and defo recommend
Eco-friendly professional clean
This product provides a professional clean and makes my bathroom smell amazing. Very easy to refill and I love how eco-friendly this is as I am always looking for ways to reduce my plastic waste.
Perfect eco product !!!
I like eco products that are environmentally friendly. It’s an amazing idea and less used plastic. I have already purchased it and will continue to use it.
Product does what it says on the package once diluted is the same as standard size bottle . Much more eco friendly . Smells clean and fresh and the scent does linger for sometime. Leaves surface clean and no smear or water marks
Very good
I really like the idea of reusing the bottle. This little handy refill is great and so east to use.
Will keep on buying!
Just wow. Great cleaning power, small bottle but so long lasting, smells so fresh and eco friendly! I am in love with this product and will keep on buying and recommending to everyone!

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