Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Eco Refill 70ml

4.8 5 0 148 148 Want a powerful bathroom cleaner that helps you save space and use less plastic? Try Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Ecorefill. This 10x concentrated cleaning spray refill delivers the same beautiful cleaning results of Cif in a convenient and eco-friendly cleaning product so you can upgrade your cleaning routine without compromising quality.
Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Eco Refill 70ml


This is a brilliant bathroom cleaner leaves it clean and sparkling every time
These our really good for my bathroom leaves it clean and sparkling every time
This is great
This is really good a refil at last smells so nice there not expensive either
Great idea.
Very good idea , You don't need to buy a big bottle every time! Works well.
The smell is overpowering
I had high hopes for this product in its more environmentally friendly packaging, however the smell is so overpowering that it made my eyes sting when leaning into the bath to use it. I need a product that I can quickly use before putting my children in the bath but this is too overpowering so couldn’t even let them come into the bathroom when I was using it.
Cleans well!
Cleans well and smells fresh. All stains removed and easy to use.
Cif Refil
I bought this to try and I ended buying more little bottle and goes a long way - so easy to use just unscrew and put in bigger spray bottle then add water its great such a good idea,
Great idea !!!
These refills are such a brilliant idea for saving plastic and money and even lighter bringing them back from the shops.A great clean was done in my bathroom
Removes Stubborn Stains
Soaks into stubborn stains and cleans quickly to leave the surface looking new.
Love it
Is so good to be able to refill ciff, does a really good job and leaves a awasome shine on ur bathroom, cleans real good too is been around for a while and definitely recommend it.
Brilliant idea from cif these refills are great value for money, smell great.
Environmentally friendly
So easy to use if you have a Cif bottle already. Just add water and click-on the refill. Better for the pocket and better for the environment and the formula works just as well. Hope this sticks around (and is actually as good for the environment as it claims!)
Power shine cleaner
CIF power shine cleaner for bathroom cleans with shine
Best for Cleaning
Of all the products I have tried CIF is the best for Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner. These refills are best for reducing the use of plastics and Money Saver too. But it is not available in every store. So please try to make this available in many stores as much as possible.
Less packaging, same product
The refills for this bathroom spray are great value for money and smell awesome, but the best thing is that you never have to change the original spray container. I would definitely buy this again. It makes my bathroom look incredibly clean and gets through soap scum and grime with ease. Will be repurchasing.

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