4.8 5 0 52 52 Want a powerful bathroom cleaner that helps you save space and use less plastic? Try Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Ecorefill. This 10x concentrated cleaning spray refill delivers the same beautiful cleaning results of Cif in a convenient and eco-friendly cleaning product so you can upgrade your cleaning routine without compromising quality.
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Cif refill
I have now been using this for some time now and like it because it cut down my plastic used it also helps that's its is £1.50 in the shop the one thing that may let this down is the bottle cost £3 and that is more that other cleaners so that let it down at the start but in the long run it will cost less. Over all I will have to say that it is very good and will help you cut down on plastics.
I received a voucher for this and have been very impressed. It is a great idea to save on plastic and has a lovely smell and leaves surfaces clean without smudges. I will definitely buy again.
eco friendly
I have been using the cif ecorefill bathroom and kitchen products for a little while now I like that they are small and compact so not only are they easier to carry because they are not bulky or heavy but and they save on waste too so helps the environment too.
Cif power refill is quite good.Less plastic.Nice smell. Leave the surface clean. Great value for money.I recommend it.
great product
I think this is a great idea for reducing plastic which we have in our homes.it still use plastic but it is first step forward to use less and less.Great idea for me and I always use cif it's great ,it cleans what it should,I love it
A step in the right direction
Brillant idea as it saves plastic and space due to its size. It works well I had the right bottle so no problems with distinguishing it and it mixed & worked well. The major downside is it's currently quite a bit more expensive than a normal bottle so no real monetary benefit at the moment but a small bottle step in the right direction until they stop using plastic
I got a sample in a local store, I tried it at home and I was very positively surprised, nice packaging, efficient product I will definitely buy it again :) Great idea, I like it and recommend it
Great Idea, but not quite there
Great idea for a product, especially with the amount of plastic waste we create. This does use less plastic, however it still uses some plastic. Using packaging that dissolves in the water is the next step.
Great idea
This product is a great idea for reducing plastic use. I love anything that helps us save the planet. Really easy to use, just add water to the concentrated mix and your product is ready to go, couldn’t be simpler!
Brilliant for the environment as we keep our old spray bottles and just refill them so the wastage isn’t as big of a problem as before and it does the same job as before. Very happy. Win win
Good value
I love doing my bit for the recycle and seeing this re-fill for cif power shine it was time to change over to this. Good value and cheaper. And not forgetting how well this cleans my bathroom no hard scrubbing leaves a great smell my Bathroom looks and feels nice and clean and fresh. 101% happy with this.
Cif refill
Love this new cif refill Got to be better for the environment certainly a lot easier to carry on from the shops I would recommend purchasing a better quality spray bottle as it makes application a lot easier also like that if I have a particularly dirty area to clean I can mix it up a little bit stronger
Love love love
I love this product so much, I buy in bulk monthly as I use it so much. Leaves my bathroom so clean and smells lovely
Great for me great for environment
Fab for the environment and fab for me makes cleaning effortless my bathroom smells fabulous is shimmering shinny and don’t take a lot of room in my cupboard and an affordable product
Great when you don’t have space for backups!
I absolutely love this ! Great for the planet, great for my cupboard space and so easy to use ! I wish all companies took this approach with their products! I now have a few of these on back up without all the extra plastic bottles ‘n

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