4.6 5 0 103 103 This unique blend of chilli, cumin and paprika quickly creates a great tasting chilli con carne with an exciting kick!
Colman's Full Of Flavour Hot Chilli Con Carne
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Classic Colman's
The Colman mixes really are a timeless classic and never disappoint. It's such a simple staple for any delicious meal and packs it full of flavours without the need to fuss with them from scratch with a fantastic home-cooked taste.
Amazing spices
Amazing to get full flavour from mince without any hassle! Easy middle of the week meals the whole family loves! Not too spicy but my family love full rich flavour! I used it in the slow cooker with a little bit of water and it made the best chilli
Easy tea
Packet had clear instructions to what you needed and how to make. The powder mixed in well and didnt create lumps like others we have used. It is a hot chilli but not so hot that family members couldn't eat it
Makes Chilli Con Carne easy!
I always have a few of these in my store cupboard as they make cooking a chilli super easy (&very tasty!). I do have all the spices required to make a chilli but this has the perfect amount of each spice and if you like a bit of heat to your chilli like me then this is great!
My favourite chilli powder
I regularly but this product for my chilli’s It is amazing lovely flavour. If you want abit more spice the hot one is great. Some shops sell 2 packs for £1 aswell which is great :)
Great flavour
Easy to follow instructions and full of flavour. Definitely a must for your cupboard.
Full of flavour
There was so much flavour in this little pack, with the right amount of spice. I added extra veg but it didn't hinder the flavour at all. I have even bought more for the next time I make a chilli
Full of flavour
Full of flavour and easy to make chilli con carne. With the recipe on the back, anyone can make this easily. I do like to add some red kidney beans to the recipe and usually serve with either rice or tortillas My whole family enjoys this meal.
Hot Chilli Con Carne
Easy to use, to make chilli con carne. There is a recipe on the back. I like to add baked beans as well as kidney beans to the recipe. Often on offer in the supermarkets by 4 for £2. A good strong flavour to spice up a pack of mince. Add rice and a bag of Doritos.
One of the best
I love the Colman’s range of spices not just for chilli but for slow cooked meals and shepherds pie... amazing 👌
good kick to it
i have to buy both hot and mild version, for our family i can recommend both as flavoursome and the hubby likes it hot
On fire
I used this to make quorum chilli quick and easy to make Excellent level of spices
Top Sauce Mix
I love this hot chilli mix, I’ve tried others and sauces in jars but this is my favourite and the only one I use. Full of flavour, spicy with just the right consistency, it’s a week day favourite in my home.
By far my fave chilli!
Colman’s have the flavour exactly right in the packet. I’ve tried a number of brands and this one is by far my favourite. The taste is rich with a good spice level and depth of flavour.
It's ok
Nice and easy however it doesn't have the flavor you would get if you made it homemade

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