FINISH Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tabs Regular

4.7 5 0 250 250 Finish Quantum Ultimate, bringing our ultimate clean and shine to your dishwasher. 3 fast-dissolving chambers to deliver results even in eco-cycle. Our new tab degreases, targets stuck on food with the power action of scrubbing and the Finish liquid powerball delivers ultimate shine. 100% biodegradable wrapper-free technology and a fully recyclable tub. 14 power actions delivering a superior clean and shine performance to finish the job first time.
FINISH Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tabs Regular


These dishwasher tabs are great. I always use dishwasher salts and rinse aid in addition to me tablets, however I am pretty sure that if I didn’t these would still leave everything sparkling and clean
FINISH Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tabs Regular
FINISH Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tabs Regular fantastic powerful dishwashing. One tablet powers through a full load leaving it sparkling clean and smelling fresh.
Dishwasher tablets
These dishwasher tablets are brilliant great on all my dishes all come out sparkling clean highly recommended no improvements great has they are amazing
Amazing product.
This my favourite dishwasher tablets. They are very effective and leaves dishes spotless. I always stock up on them when they are on the offer.
These are probably the best of the best but i cant always afford them especially when my other favourite brand has more offers. Also not all shops local to me stock these or they run out. Do leave dishes gleaming though
Happy with product
I like these powerballs because they doing a great job of keeping all of our dishes shiny and clean without any spotless. Also they leave my old dishwasher clean and fresh not like other products which I’ve tried before. Definitely will recommend.
My number one
This is my number one favourite dishwasher tablets , can’t fault it. Beats all others I’ve tried.
I picked these up for my dishwasher as they were on offer and I've always liked Finish products. They are fantastic, they leave the dishes looking sparkling clean and bonus they don't leave any residue on them or in the compartment for the tablet to go in. I would highly recommend
These are really good and the best I have used they leave my plates and dishes sparkling and also leave my dishwasher in great condition too.
The best
The best on the market in my opinion. Only these leaves my dishes clean and sparkly and leaves my dishwasher in good condition
It gives my dishwasher the utmost cleanliness and shine. It dissolves quickly even in the ecological cycle. The tablet degreases and provides the highest shine. 100% biodegradable technology with no packaging and a fully recyclable container. they are great
Dishwasher tablets
Dishwasher tablets. They are very , very good . I just got dishwasher not long time ago and are new to all different makes of products, but I actually can see the difference on my plates , glasses etc after using this product.
Fab clean!
These are great as you don’t need to add all individual products in the dishwasher as they are all in one design. It brings my kitchen wear up nice and clean and streak free. It also adds a nice shine to the glass wear
Good Quality !!
Anyone who used "cheap" tablets and "finish" tablets will not only see the difference visually that finish simply gives the better results. I would like to recommend this product and also the brand.
Working fast and effective. Leaves the dishes clean , shine. Easy to use. doesn't leave my dishwasher smelling horrible which is a plus. you get what you pay for. would recommend

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