ICONIC London Triple Threat Mascara Black

4.5 5 0 77 77 <p>Fed up of faffing with falsies? Introducing the gold standard of mascaras.</p> <p>Are you ready for voluminous, long and lifted lashes giving an intense, dramatic look that lasts all day?</p> <p>An ultra-black, stunning, weightless formula that volumizes, lengthens and lifts lashes all day and well into the night for a dramatic fluttery look. The easy-to-handle slim brush gets right to the root of your lashes for an instant smouldering, fuller lash line, whilst the dense bristles separate and coat lashes evenly with deep-black, intense fullness and length – the best alternative to false lashes.</p> <p>100% Vegan</p> <p><strong>How to use</strong></p> <p><ul><li>Brush onto lash from base to tip.</li> <li>Apply mascara in layers to increase coverage and volume.</li> <li>Take a tip from professional make-up artists who use a zigzag motion from the roots out, when applying their mascara, these strokes thick lashes and aid separation.</li></ul></p>
ICONIC London Triple Threat Mascara Black


Love it
Love this mascara really lengthens your lashes and makes them look fuller……only downside is can get a few flakes under your eye as day goes on and it does get really dry quickly so can’t keep it for long
Hit & Miss
I love Iconic products so I thought I'd give their mascara a go. I don't have the longest eyelashes and this product definitely helps with this. The brush makes the lash look nice and long, my only issue with it is that it can clump the lashes together making them look too thick rather than long and lovely. I would still recommend it, it might just be my technique!
Not the best
My wife did not like this at all, you could see it clumping together and it was irritating on her eyes and made them water up. It also did smudge easily and was hard to remove with just water.
Good product
Easy to use, I like the brush. It smudges a little bit
Great mascara
Iconic is so famous especially for their well known highlighter. However this mascara is so so good too. I have bought it in Christmas gift set with a lipgloss and have been using since. Great quality makeup.
One of the best
Absolutely love iconic products so had to try this. It’s really flattering on and you do not need to use to much product. I love the style of the wand also. This lasted all day and never smudged under my eyes or crumbled away
Does not match the name
I have sensitive dry eyes and this made them itch like crazy, i could feel it on my lashes. I did not see a huge difference to my lashes that ive seen with much cheaper although i did love the gold design
Not the best
after seeing lots of celebs faving about how good this mascara is supposed to be i thought i would try it . i do not see any difference in it to my usual purchases like Maybeline or Remel. Allot of hype about nothing. It also smudges terribly and gets flaky when i get hot . Also ,i expected it to be smooth and silky but actually it's really clumpy when you remove the wand with product on.
Actually lifted my lashes!
This is one of the best mascaras I own and I own a lot lol. It’s the only one I have that actually lifts my lashes without the need to use lash curlers! It separates my lashes nicely and doesn’t leave any clumps. It lengthens and gives my lashes volume and is definitely worth the price tag
ultra-black, stunning, weightless formula that volumizes, lengthens and lifts lashes all day and well into the night. Just perfect and worth the price.
Triple Threat Mascara
Fantastic mascara that made my eye lashes look really long and dramatic So easy to apply and no clogging or smudging. Very nice packaging and great quality I would definitely recommend.
amazing mascara
wow i have never brought anything from this brand but heard good reviews well this mascara is amazing it seem to condition my lashes and they are more extended and separated then colour is amazing to really dark and black which i love highly recommend have brought again
A good mascara. I like that it is buildable so you can apply it a few times, and yet it doesn't really clump up. It really does well separating and lengthening your lashes as well.
Excellent mascara
Great product m, no clumps, no smudge all over. My eyes have tendency to water while it is windy or sunny day so it is extremely hard to find the right mascara which will stay on however this product does.
Super black
It is one of the best mascaras i tried so far. It gives amazing volume and super black effect which is my desire. Does stay all day long and doesnt run.

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