4.5 5 0 306 306 A seriously remixed blend of refreshingly fruity raspberry, orange & passionfruit - a delicious Vimto taste sensation. No added sugar - contains naturally occurring fruit sugars, Suitable for vegetarians
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Very tasty
I love it very refreshing and quenches your thirst
I brought this to try and my family love it. It is very fruity and refreshing. I love the bright colour of the juice. You dont need a lot either as it isnt watery like other juices can be....this juice is very tasty !
Very refreshing
I picked this up whilst shopping as it was offer, we normally buy the original Vimto. I am pleased I tried it, it has such a refreshing taste. It has made ensuring I keep hydrated at work easy, though the bottle didn't last long as everyone else seems to like it too
So refreshing
I originally bought this for the kids as I don't like original vimto with the mixed fruits taste. I tried this and its so fruity and flavoursome my children's friends like this too.
It's so full of flavour, a bottle of this doesn't last long in this house
Missing that Vimto uniqueness
When shopping the kids picked this up as an alternative to the usual vimto. I was wary as they can be quite fussy about what they drink and this looked like it would be something the wouldn’t enjoy. I was wrong both of the children enjoyed this and found it a firm favourite, I found it didn’t have a unique taste that highlighted it was a vimto product like the original but all the same it was a refreshing drink.
This is a really lovely summer drink, perfect for the hot weather we have had recently. The only downside for me would be that it doesn’t taste enough of raspberry, the passion fruit and orange and both quite strong flavours, potentially a bit overpowering.
Nice and refreshing. My children love it too. I got it from b&m
I have tried this a few times with water and with lemonade. I think it's better when it's in lemonade as it's very refreshing especially when it's been chilled. My family have all so tried this and it's not to everyones taste, but again once mixed with chilled lemonade everybody seems to drink it
I dont drink many cordials but I tried this one as it has all my favourite flavours in on bottle and OMG! it's delicious! Very refreshing. My kids also love it.
Summer in a bottle
Water can get pretty boring but this cordial brings a fruity flair to drinks, great with soda water, as well as still water, great with hot water too, but have also used mixed with rum and tonic with plenty of fresh ice. Very versatile and flavoursome
This is my new favourite squash ,i love all the vimto flavours but this one i can't get enough of ,it's so fruity and refreshing my fussy son loves it too ,great served with ice
Great taste!
I absolutely love the taste. Not only that is got a lovely pink colour but the blend of flavours complement each other.
Wasn't as good as anticipated
I ways buy vimto sugar free for myself and the kids, I was looking forward to trying this and It wasn't what I expected it to be, the original vimto is full of flavour but this mix was watery and not anywhere near as fruity
Loved this so tasty full of flavour 😊 my kids loved it

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