Crest & Oral-B Kids Gift Pack

4.8 5 0 123 123 Discover a world of amazing cleaning and happy brushing with Crest & Oral-B. Your child will love brushing with their favorite Disney Pixar Toy Story rechargeable toothbrush, replacement brush heads, and toothpaste.
Crest & Oral-B Kids Gift Pack


Nice set
Crest & Oral-B Kids Gift Pack Has been an amazing product the set was a great price and my kids have enjoyed using it! Healthy habits developing with this fun product! We like it
Such a cute set
Kids love this toothbrush set. You story is one of their favorite movie and having a toothbrush and paste from that is fun for them. They love using this brush and looks like it does a good job to clean their teeth.
Best gift for my 4 years old
My son was hesitant in using toothbrush individually but since he got a character toy story based toothbrush he loves to brush his teeth 3 times a day.
Perfect brush for kids
This toothbrush is perfect for any kid. We love it for ours. They actually want to brush not only because of the cartoon on it. They love the bristles moving around "tickling" their teeth.
I got it for my friend baby and he loves it don’t want to put down
Perfect gift
The Crest & Oral-B Kids Gift Pack is a fantastic dental care set for children. It includes a variety of products that make oral hygiene fun and effective for kids. The toothbrushes are designed with vibrant colors and beloved characters, which immediately capture a child's attention and enthusiasm for brushing.The toothpaste provides effective cavity protection while having a kid-friendly taste that encourages regular brushing. The inclusion of kid-friendly floss picks is a thoughtful addition, making flossing less intimidating for youngsters.Parents can appreciate the quality and effectiveness of Crest and Oral-B products, knowing they are trusted brands. This gift pack not only promotes good dental habits but also makes it an enjoyable experience for children. It's an excellent gift choice for parents who want to instill healthy oral care routines in their kids from an early age.
Fun Set!
This gift set is good for kids who don’t like brushing their teeth. The toothbrushes have fun characters on them. My son no longer has the toothbrush that came with this set but he still likes me to buy the Crest kids toothpaste.
Great Gift Pack
These Oral B electric tooth brush gift packs are great for the kids. It makes the kids want to brush their teeth and also it get them into the habit without the fight. My son loved his toothbrush that I gave him and he now brushes his teeth every night before bed without any fuss. Highly recommended if you have younger kids.
Nephews love it!
I purchased these for my nephews. They love it! I love the fact this set comes with extra head and even toothpaste. This makes their brushing time fun and gives them a good clean mouth! I would buy this again!
Oral gift pack for Toddlers
Loved using the set, comes in different characters, affordable. Battery operated. Toddlers love using it and makes it easy for brushing. The head can be replaced after long use. Highly recommend it for growing toddlers, new to brushing.
Son loves it
My son always has been good brushing his teeth but I had to remind him Everytime. Since I've bought this electric toothbrush for him, he loves it and I rarely have to remind him now. The charge lasts a long time which is nice, and it comes with 2 tooth brush heads and a mini toothpaste. Highly recommend!
kids want to brush with these....
Every mother knows the dreaded yell did you brush your teeth???? Well with oral-b and crest i dont have to yell that anymore. MY kids love using these toothbrushed. It has an easy push button to turn on that even my youngest can use without help. The characters on them of course attract the kids even more... and what i love about this one is the replaceble brush heads. On others when the tooth head is ready to be replaced you just had to throw it out, with this one you have two extra heads to change out to.
Crest and Oral-B toothbrush kits
So convenient to have everything in one package. The changeable heads help recycling with just changing the head and not the entire brush. Having a favorite character on the brush helps little ones feel like their friend is with them.
My grandsons love this toothbrush they love to show there friends there cool toothbrush very light weight highly recommend it
Kids actually want to brush
My kids actually like to brush their teeth with this toothbrush. It keeps their teeth clean and healthy. It’s easy to charge. I would recommend it to any kid.

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