Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body, 3pk

4.6 5 0 731 731 Keep your skin glowing and clean with the soft and effective Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body. These bath poufs can gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Just add your favorite body wash to the exfoliating mesh and work into a rich lather to gently strip away dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from all over your body. Daily use will leave your skin feeling supple and refreshed. Our bath sponge comes with a convenient rope loop at one end to hang over the shower nozzle or hook for easy drying between uses. Take a few extra minutes to give your skin the care it deserves with our Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body.
Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body, 3pk


I love loofas!
These are super cute and come in many colors. Theyre the cheap brand but they still work just as good as any other brand out there. I use these all the time. I do switch mine out monthly.
Bathroom must have
Great product, definitely does the job & helps keep your skin nice & smooth. Not expensive & comes in a variety of colors. Only issue I have had is they come apart really easily. Longest I have ever gotten one to last is 2 weeks.
I love loofah.. absolutely would recommend it to my friends and family members. I absolutely love love lotion they always seem to work very well especially since I have extremely dry skin. I need this product in my life
Good and clean
I always use these when I shower, but I like to buy the three packs. In the moment, I find them to clean well. However, they tend to unravel in a couple weeks, so I just keep a few on hand.
Perfect puff
Don't waste your money on expensive puffs. These walmart brand are perfect every time. They are just the right amount of scrubb and softness and since you should switch them out often the price is right
Good product
Suprisingly nice! No funky strong odor. Not a rough scratchy plastic. Really nice colores to pick from. It's tightly woven together. Got no complaints!
Isn't that strong
It's a okay spongie but it does fall completely apart very easily after you've taken a couple showers so the answer I have for this issue is to buy two so you have an extra one when this one does come apart because chances are it's going to .it does get really soapy so that is a complete plus there and the colors are great and it's not expensive so that's another plus .it's also very effective so that's another plus .so over all the good out weight the only thing that I'd wrong with this product I will buy these again .so yes I recommend these
Break too easy
I had to give this rating a 3 because these come apart too easy.
All I use..
I use these sponges for my body wash in the shower. With them you don't have to use as much product and they make your skin feel cleaner and softer than using a wash cloth. I recommend them to anyone who uses body washes.
Very Nice to Shower With
I have a few of these that I am using right now. They are great for lathering up body wash and soap. They are the perfect size for a long hot bath or a quick shower. They are soft and non abrasive. They are very luxourous.
Work really good, and lasts a while! Definitely a deal!
Smooth silky skin!
I was so pleased with the way my skin felt after using this poof! It removed all of the dry skin that you get during the winter months and my skin felt so soft and silky! Just a dab of body wash is all it takes on these and they lather up so well. I would recommend giving these a try!!
Does the job
These do the job of lathering you up in the shower but my only dislike is that they start coming apart and don't stay in that nice spongey shape for long.
Mala calidad
Se arruinaron demasiado rápido se zafó toda la fibra esa que tiene !! Es muy mala calidad y el precio no es muy considerable para el tiempo que aguantan
Nice one
Since i was a child my family buy this product, i always have one in my badroom and clearly the bath is better with it.

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