Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body, 3pk

4.6 5 0 638 638 Keep your skin glowing and clean with the soft and effective Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body. These bath poufs can gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Just add your favorite body wash to the exfoliating mesh and work into a rich lather to gently strip away dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from all over your body. Daily use will leave your skin feeling supple and refreshed. Our bath sponge comes with a convenient rope loop at one end to hang over the shower nozzle or hook for easy drying between uses. Take a few extra minutes to give your skin the care it deserves with our Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body.
Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body, 3pk


Love them!!
They work the same way as the more expensive ones.. I have not purchased any other brand or type of bath sponge!! my kids use them as well!! they do actually exfoliate as well!!
Fun option for gift bags Loofa
I love that these are soft enough on the skin, easy to use, scrubs and exfoliates, nice to add to a special gift basket full of self care, or pampering.
Works great
I was looking for a new loofah and came across this at Walmart! It works great and my skin felt so soft after words! The price also is amazing! Definitely would recommend it to anyone !
Just yes, we all need to exfoilate. Just do it, see the increase in softness of your skin and how much better you absorb lotion. It works, enough said.
Exfoliating sponge
Great product to exfoliate your skin. Leaves your skin soft and clean
a little too strong
I purchased these by mistake - was looking for normal loofahs. The first use was great, but my skin is way too sensitive for everyday or even every other day. Made my skin red and irritated :(
Great product
Great price, held up well. Mine didn't unravel.
I loveeeee loofahs. Trying this brand was like using any of my others. It’s great quality. Not too rough on the skin, some would cut me as I’m sensitive. But it still exfoliated well. I toss them in the washer and hang to dry and replace every month. This brand has held up very well.
Great Product
I have always bought these to use for bathing. I never could tell the difference in quality from the "Equate" brand than from the other brands. I would definitely recommend this!
Great Product
I always use these when I bathe or shower. With my favorite body wash and scrubbing my body, I feel so clean and refreshed. It takes any dead skin right off. Love these!!!!
Good quality product
the product is of great quality. I am using this for past 4 months and this looks a pretty good with great quality.
I like these I use them all the time .they make grate gifts. Colors are grate they leather up veary good when in the shower I can't wait to use it. I do recommend it
Love these
I love these. They are super soft and suds up really well. I feel clean after using it and it dries quickly, preventing smelliness. It's help up in the washing machine as well for repeated use.
I always buy these Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofahs for Body, they have the same good quality than other brands that are more expensive and they do the what they must, they help me to stay clean and give my skin the exfoliation needed without damaging the skin barrier.
I actually bought these for my body, but realized they work great for my face! They are very gentle with just enough power to remove makeup and not feel like it is scratching or irritating my skin.

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