Great Value Organic Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries

4.8 5 0 32 32 Great Value Organic Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries are said to be made with only wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. This USDA Organic and kosher certified product can be thawed in microwave, and retails in a 32-oz reclosable pack bearing the Great for You logo.
Great Value Organic Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries


I love all real natural cherries, hate the ones in a can! These are sweet, juicy and delicious. Great for a snack anytime anywhere. I can eat a whole bag myself lol. Id recommend
good frozen cherries
Fresh cherries can be super expensive, so I love these as a more affordable option. The fact that they're pitted is also very convenient. The do need to thaw some to eat them alone, but they're also perfect to add to things such as smoothies or oatmeal.
Delicious Frozen Fruit
These cherries are consistently sweet and tart. I enjoy adding them to smoothie recipes. I can feel good feeding them to my family since they are organic. They are reasonably priced as well.
Good Depending On Mood
In some ways I like this product as a casual snack, but in other ways I always felt like frozen cherries are a bit hard to just eat. I would say leave them out for a bit but then the melted cherries just aren't as good in my opinion. In the end if I have it, then I will eat it, but I would probably pick up frozen mango instead when at the store.
Great Value Organic Dark Sweet Pitted
Great Value Organic Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries are yummy. I add these to smoothies and they add a great taste to them. I like that they are organic and the price is pretty fair in comparison to other brands.
love cherries
Love these, great for hot summer days, smoothies, added into juice like ice cubes and then eaten afterwards, baking, as a topper, and so much more. It's nice that they're already pitted, less work I have to do. They're sweet and delicious. The bag is resealable so they stay fresh.
Perfect Summer Snack!
These are my favorite treat in the summer! I eat them frozen right out of the freezer-so refreshing on a hot day. They are sweet and cold, and I can feel good about indulging in them. -They might turn your fingers a little purple if you don't wash your hands right away.
Great for baking
Great value organic dark pitted cherries. I love this brand because it’s so reasonably priced. When baking things cost so much it’s nice to choose. This is a good full flavor bag of pitted cherries ready for baking or well whatever you use cherries for. I love that they are seedless as I don’t have to do any work.
I have tried these and these are very good always right nice and sweet
I could eat the whole bag!
I would definitely recommend these, they're full of flavor, And I love that they're organic! They are generous sized too!
Frozen Dark Cherries
Great Value dark cherries are so sweet and ripe. I love the quality with each bag bought I have never run across an unripe or otherwise undesirable cherry. These really are a great value with delicious and tasty fruit, great price and convenience of Walmart. Highly recommend.
Frozen cherries has been my new favorite thing. I love adding them in wine in replace of regular ice and I like eating them thawed out a little. Great for smoothies as well! Can stain but is well worth it.
Love these cherries
I buy these cherries to make a yogurt for breakfast. Even though these are not name brand, they are the best. I love cherries and these are the sweetest. If you want something less sweet don’t buy.
Frozen cherries are an addiction
These are some of the best frozen cherries ive tried. The quality of the fruit and the flavor is great. Good value.
Great For Smoothies
I absolutely love cherries, but the season is so limited that you never truly get to enjoy them fresh. These frozen cherries are great for so many things including sauces and smoothies. I make a great cherry sauce for chicken with them, but my favorite use is for smoothies. If you use them in their frozen state, you reduce the need for ice and the sweet/tart flavor combo pairs really well with greens. I highly recommend.

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