Great Value Organic Red Raspberries

4.9 5 0 37 37 Great Value Organic Red Raspberries are now available. This Oregon Tilth and USDA Organic certified product is said to be made only using wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. It can be thawed in microwave and retails in a 32-oz. reclosable pack bearing the Walmart Great for You logo.
Great Value Organic Red Raspberries


Chefs Kiss
These are the best frozen raspberries I have ever found. The flavor is second to none! With an affordable price makes it even better! I will always buy these. They literally taste like they were fresh picked from the garden! Two thumbs up!
Fresh frozen fruit
Sometimes the off brands are a better value with premium quality foods and Great Value is one of those brands. The raspberries are always fresh tasting and easily I thaw! I use these for smoothies with other fruits. It last longer then buying fresh but is as equally good as fresh berries!
Delicious out of the bag!
I love these raspberries and have been using them a long time, they're great out of the bag or you can unthaw them straight from the microwave as well, I love that they're organic and has no artificial colors or preservatives!
Great value!
Great amount of raspberries for the price! My go to when I can’t get fresh raspberries.
Fresh taste
Used these raspberries when I could not find any wild ones. Taste great out of the bag. Used them to make a filling for a chocolate cake. No one could tell they weren't fresh.
I love these frozen raspberries. Great when making smoothies or even thawing a bit and putting them in cool whip for a nice desert. Flavorful!
Perfect quantity
Very nice raspberries and the quantity offered is just perfect
Good flavor
Very good flavor. There were no stems or non berry pieces.
Great for breakfast
Love these on top of Greek yogurt with granola - a healthy breakfast or snack. Could be cheaper, but still worth the buy. Typically end up buying a larger bag of triple berry instead.
More Great Quality
Highly recommend this product it is very good and i will encourage others to try it at any time.
Great for smoothies
I buy a lot of Great Value Organic frozen fruits to use in my smoothies. I take them strait from the freezer to the blender with some milk & a touch of sweet and low for my morning smoothies. I like using them frozen so that I don't have to add any ice to my smoothies which results in a much bolder flavor. I love them and keep raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries in the freezer all the time so that I can vary the flavors of the smoothies that I love so much
These are my go to for making raspberry crumble! Great tasting product! Would recommend!
I’m obsessed with frozen fruit this summer, I’ve been using them in smoothies, overnight oats and even on their own. Great value offers a variety of options for a good deal compared to other brands that are name brand.
Awesome raspberries
These raspberries are delicious and they are great when I put them on top of my oatmeal in the morning. I just pull them out of the freezer and let them thaw a bit. Then I put them on my oatmeal with some pecans. They taste really fresh and delicious.
Great Value frozen fruit
I have purchase nearly every frozen fruit available from Great Value and I'm pleased with the fruit and even more pleased that its organic. I use these for my kids and also to make "sorbet" type ice cream.

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