Just for Men - Shampoo In Color

4.6 5 0 22 22 Patented gray target technology. Just for Men targets the gray hair, so it blends in with your natural hair color. Fast and easy. Easy non-drip, lather-in formula works in 5 minutes. Long Lasting. Permanent gray coverage. Lasts up to 6 weeks until the gray grows back. Rejuvenates hair. Leaves hair thicker and fuller looking. No damaging ammonia.
Just for Men - Shampoo In Color


Husband looks ten years younger
I was actually surprised by how well this worked. It colors gradually and fills in most of the gray. My husband no longer looks like he's trying to take Santa's job, and is looking as good as he did ten years ago.
Best Men hair color ever!!
I have been using this product for over 10 years now. I just love this brand and know that I can depend to do the work it says it does. There are not harsh odors. It is very easy to use. It includes easy to follow instructions. Everything you will need is in this box. It even covers my gray hair with an ease. I love this product! I will buy this again. Highly recommended product for all men.
Eh, I guess
My ex used this. He had a lot of grey hair. I feel feel men could probably use any hair color. This didn't last long.
I use it on my eyebrows
Works well if you want to darken your eyebrows too! Fast and easy to use. I can do the whole process within 6 minutes.
The colors are a perfect match to my rea
I love how smooth and soft it makes my hair feel. I only have to color my hair once every few months, the color last longer than other products
quick and easy
my boyfriend tried this product the other day after he found it on the clearance shelf at walmart. he says it is super easy and convenient to use. he was a little impressed with how well it worked.
Take all your gray hair away
This is a very good product I have used many times the only concern I have is that by my hair growing so fast I need you dye my hair at least every 2 months I wish you would last longer color-wise but that's just the way of life but this is a very good product and hair color dye
New Review
This product does what it says. The price was descent too.
Go get your hair colored
I'm a 48 year old man that tried this and it only lasted a week before it was coming out.
Husband Approved!
My husband has been using Just For Men for a couple of years and loves it. He doesn't have a LOT of grey, but it is enough to make him self conscious about his brown hair as he's been getting older. It does a great job. My only suggestion is using a dark colored towel to dry your hair because it will make lighter color towels look dirty. Overall it's a great option.
Easy solution for gray hairs
I use this, along with their beard dye products, and I'm happy with both! The shampoo color is easy to apply and doesn't take long. I apply it in the shower and leave it on while I wash the rest of my body, and it doesn't take any extra time than my normal showers. It looks more natural than an all over dye, and it's much cheaper than a salon visit.
Quick and super fast coloring
My husband loves it since he has no patience for hair colors which take hours to apply and use. Just for Men - Shampoo is super fast and easy. Just lather it in and that’s it. The no drip formula doesn’t make a big mess. The color lasted around 8 weeks which is great, and no harmful ammonia added!
great coverage
My husband's hair was getting totally gray all over. I decided to buy this for him, because he doesn't like to look old. I, however love gray hair on men, :) This seemed to tackle most of his gray hair.
Great stuff!!
This stuff is awesome very easy to use an did a great job covering up my gray hair
Very good product
I loved the way it matched my color of hair and the way it made me look younger I also recommend it to a friend they tried it and loved it also so yes I would recommend this product

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