PEAR INC. - Juliette Has a Gun

4.6 5 0 149 149 Inspired by childhood memories and the founder’s favorite fruit, the pear. If the pear is a common fruit, it remains yet a rare ingredient in perfumery. With Pear Inc., Juliette Has a Gun has imagined a refreshing fragrance with a hint of gourmand. It is a fruity musk enhanced with ambroxan—like the promise of a beautiful summer!
PEAR INC. - Juliette Has a Gun


Refreshing scent of the winter
I got as a sample and I love the complex scent! I really hope larger sizes come in stock soon. I find it has a decent staying power and could even be unisex.
Juliette has a gun
I received a small sample of this from Sephora with my last purchase and I am so glad I did! This smells amazing. It is a very feminine smell with a light floral sophisticated smell. It lasts for a long time on your skin and I have received many compliments on this scent. I will definitely purchase the full size bottle in the very near future. It is an absolutely beautiful fragrance. I highly recommend this!
Unique scent
This is a lovely fragrance that is gender neutral and has its own unique scent that matches with your own body ph which I love!
Great Scent!
Chloe is my absolute favorite #1 perfume of all time, never without it, but I'm always on the lookout for new scents & own many. Pear Inc. is right up there in amazing unique scents. I love it! My sister gifted me this & Lady Vengeance for my birthday, both are divine! Good lasting power, probably about 5-6 hours. Beautiful scent!
Worth it
I freaking love this product so much it's absolutely amazing and smells wonderful and the beads in it help with my dry skin and the package design totally caught my eye so I had to try it. I most definitely recommend this product to anyone my mom even uses it too.
I am addicted to this scent! It is the sexiest scent I’ve ever worn. It legit makes me feel so sexy and my husband says same. It’s really long lasting, a stronger scent, really flirty and fun, and clean. It’s definitely a night time scent but I think if worn for a date it could be worn in the day. It’s more of a musk but I think I’d call it floral-musk if that’s a thing. I’m absolutely obsessed with this scent!
Smells so good
I got a sample of this and it smells amazing . I fully intend on buying the full size.
Juliette has a gun..Pear inc
I am very picky when coming to buying new fragrances.. you never know what will mix well with your body's chemistry. But I can honestly say I ABSOLUTELY loved this scent.. it lasts quite long time not to mention smells great!
Long lasting
Love the scent, long lasting . Not over bearing fragrance.
Smells wonderful
I absolutely love this perfume! It has a the kinda smell that you wear on a very special occasion or date. It's kinda expensive but definitely worthit!
Great smell
I have 3 bottles of this! I absolutely love the smell of this purfume! Its very gurlie with a edge! The first time I recieved it was as a gift and I been hooked on it since! I would recommend this scent to a friend!
I was blown away at how much I enjoyed Juliettes Got a Gun perfume. Very good intoxicating,sensual smell. This is one of my favorite sweet smelling varieties and wore it all summer long 2021 . It is a lasting scent as well, has real staying power, especially if you layer it. But not over powering,balanced.
Juliet has a gun has long been a favorite of mine for years. I typically don’t recommend fragrances to anyone because everyone has their own scent criteria and body chemistry…however, I’ve never met anyone who this doesn’t smell good on. I absolutely love it and will keep it on rotation for years to come.
Summer scent
Very fresh, slightly fruity’s lasted so long on my clothes till I wash my clothes the smell still last. Very refreshing & balanced. The bottle is designed beautifully & the color of the perfume is cool.
I love this perfume! It smells so good, and lasts so long on me! I just spray on my neck and shirt and it the lingers and I love!!!

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