PEAR INC. - Juliette Has a Gun

4.6 5 0 99 99 Inspired by childhood memories and the founder’s favorite fruit, the pear. If the pear is a common fruit, it remains yet a rare ingredient in perfumery. With Pear Inc., Juliette Has a Gun has imagined a refreshing fragrance with a hint of gourmand. It is a fruity musk enhanced with ambroxan—like the promise of a beautiful summer!
PEAR INC. - Juliette Has a Gun


I really love this perfume. It has a light fruity smell. It seems to be long lasting and not too overwhelming. I didn't like the price but you use less so it should last longer.
Sexy fruity
I love Juliette Has a Gun perfume. Pear scent is so refreshing. You don't see this playful musk fruit scent very often. I like it so much and so does the hubby!!!
I’m so in love
From the moment i first smelled this scent when walking into a store i had to know what it was and instantly bought a sample. It smells so good and i love the way they packaged both the small travel diazepam and regular size bottle. Expense but worth it
This is treated
I love this nail polish and the aya it goes on and it made my nails feel good and it was great. It drys super fast as well and it works and it didnt smell that bad as well and I would recommend this.
Long Lasting
Beautiful scent and lasts a long time. Perfect for everyday wear. Very light and fruity.
Beautiful remembered scent
I received this product in a subscription box and have worn it since. It is a crisp smell that takes a little and lingers long. I have been stopped numerous times asking what the scent is.
Smells nice
It’s not complex, or poetic, or unique, but sometimes I just want to smell lovely, happy, and inoffensive.
This fragrance is really a great fragrance for any day. At light but it lasts all day long and I have such as Sophisticated smell. Which I thought was funny because it’s Juliet has a gun but it’s great
Love this fragrance
I love this Juliette Has a Gun by Pear inc Fragrance! It smells like pear! I love the refreshing smells of fruit especially for spring and summer! It doesn’t have a strong frangrance which I like. It’s just the right amount of pear smell to it. I love it! I highly recommend
New age class
If happiness had a smell this would be it.
She has a gun
was really like juliette had a gun, so good i would try it again!
It smells so expensive, but not like “old lady” expensive. Love it!
Excellent Product!
I would definitely recommend this brand of perfume to anyone. I actually originally got it in an ipsy sample box, and I loved the name at first. It smells very clean. It makes me feel...powerful, in a way. Maybe I feel much more confident when I smell good, but I am, without a doubt, buying this.
Love love love!
I love all of Juliette has a gun perfume fragrances. They smell clean, but not too strong. This brand and it’s many choices are my favorite of all perfumes!
Fruity scents
I'm a fan of fruity scents so this perfume was the perfect gift. It actually lasts longer than others.

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