3.8 5 0 405 405 The bold, robust Pepsi you love now with a splash of fruit juice for a refreshing, flavor filled cola.
Pepsi Berry
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I would like to try this brand. I am not a big fan of Pepsi but the berry flavor sounds like something I would like.
Its seems delicious but its seems to be too much of flavor.
Want to try before I buy z send this to me I like the other flavors of pepsi
I haven't tried this particular one but in general I like Pepsi
Bet it tastes good i would like to try it i will look at different stores and try to find it
Producto nuevo de Pepsi definitivamente hoy que probarlo
I would absolutely love to try and review this product.
Ni idea de este producto ya que siempre veo el original. Me gustaría poder probar este producto para saber si tiene buen sabor. Como dicen, cuando tenga la oportunidad de probar diré si es bueno su sabor
I have not yet tried this but I love Pepsi n cannot wait to try it
Pepsi Berry sounds super Delicious!!! Love to try this out soon.also hopefully they come out with it in Diet as well to be less sugar,also Diet be better for you then regular.sure hope they get this out in stores.I haven't seen it yet.sooo hope to get try and review this pepsi berry,yum!!!
I love Pepsi and would like to try this product. I love cherry Pepsi so I can't wait to try it. If possible can you send me a sample please.
Looking at the can itself with the bright colors makes me want to try this product plus Pepsi is my favorite brand.
I would love to try it and then I would write a review
I love everything I have read about this pepsi soda so far,and I would love to try it out before purchasing it in store.
Pepsi is good as it was. Berry fruit added will make it sweeter which Pepsi does not need to be any sweeter than it is.

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